Words & Photos: Dean Blotto Gray

A few months ago Terje and Mikkel were enjoying dinner, discussing banked slalom racing and how it would be nice to see one in Hemsedal, Norway. Terje then said to Mikkel, "you could call it The Bang Slalom." And there it was, the beginning of a great idea that materialized into an epic event for one hundred and twenty competitors during the closing weekend on the Hemsedal resort slopes.

The format was simple; best time through the course start to finish is the winner, competition organized into an assortment of divisions to best serve all ages and abilities. Kids, Men and Women's Open, Masters, Male and Female Professionals and Snowskates, all with a fair shot to bring home the title.

Helene Olafson ruled the day for the pro ladies, while Mathieu Crepel swooped into victory lane in the men's, both were ripping fast! If you'd like to see the results in their entirety, including overall times, visit the Bang Slalom Facebook page, and we're all already looking forward to 2017 edition, it was that much fun!