30th Annual Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom

Photos: Chris Wellhausen

The 30th Annual Baker Banked is a contest steeped in snowboard history and for the past three decades the whose who of snowboarding, up and comers, groms and everyday shreds make the pilgrimage north for the monumental event.

Regardless if you scored a spot and snaked down the course, had one of the fastest times and earned a coveted prize, or simply got to hang with your homeys; everyone wins at the Baker Banked because it’s a true celebration of snowboarding.

The event was packed with more awesomeness than we could fit in one post, so we're bringing you a another round of visual delights from 2016 30th Annual LBS. Scroll through the gallery above for highlights and snaps of legends shralping through the LBS course.

Also, have a look at the range of Adventure Mobiles from the LBS here, along with the full recap and results here.

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