From April, 2015.

The Most Prestigious Snowboard Test in the Industry Wrapped in Colorado Last Week

341 boards, 18 testers, and a crew of TWSNOW’s finest, took over Winter Park Resort in Colorado for the 17th Annual Good Wood Snowboard Test.

For 10 days, the eclectic crew comprised of first-timers, vets, park rippers and big mountain riders, had the awesome task of riding and rating the top decks of the 2015-2016 season. The test was cast into two categories, All Mountain and Park, and each deck was scored on the same sliding scale. All boards were rated on numerous points, including; stability, flex pattern, edge hold, and overall performance, and the data was collected on a super scientific shred database.

“Good Wood is no joke,” said Eddie Wall, pro rider and first-time tester, who also helped with all on-camera elements of the test.

“It’s long days of testing boards from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Everyone is having fun, but also takes it really seriously. I was surprised at all the notes we had to take and all the scoring for each board. It’s a legit test to say the least,” he continued.

The first section of the test was dedicated to All Mountain boards, and testers rallied their decks all over Winter Park’s pristine pistes. From early morning corduroy carves, to tree jibs, cliff jumps, and backcountry booters, different shapes and sizes of decks were put through the ringer and rated.

“It’s cool to see how people of different ages, riding backgrounds, and locations usually have very similar things to say about the boards,” said Wall.

The second portion was dedicated to Park boards and Colorado’s classic bluebird skies created perfect conditions for slushy, spring laps. Winter Park’s rail garden, pipe, and Dark Territory Terrain Park were the scenes of heavy action, and several epic party trains.

Park boards were ranked on overall performance, and were also rated on their ability to spin, butter, and amount of forgiveness.

“I didn’t know much about Good Wood going into it, but I can say now that it is a very thorough and legit board test,” Wall told us after the test.

“Without talking with each other, most testers come to the same conclusion about the same boards, as to whether they ride well or not. There is no bias or pre-conclusions, just honest testing!” He continued.

After long days and even longer nights, all data was complied and the 2015-2016 winners have been chosen. Hold on to your butts, because we can’t spill this confidential information just yet. We’ll be rolling it all out in our Gear Guide releasing Sept 2015. Save money and be the first to get the magazines, SUBSCRIBE HERE.

For now, be sure to check out the gallery above for a glimpse in the action of TWSNOW”s #GoodWood16.

Shout out to our awesome sponsors: Winter Park Resort, Kind Bars, Wend Wax, JayBird Sport, and GoPro.

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