Brooke Geery get sprayed on!
groms getting after it first.
Shane Stalling and Joe Pope hugging out the remembrance of A-Rob
Line to the starting gate! Get it!

Photos: Bryan Giddens

Words: Shane Stalling

After a successful first stop of the A-Rob's Smash Life Banked Slalom series at Big Sky Resort on January 4th, the two-stop series came to an end at Alpental, WA.  The Smash Life Banked Slalom series is a fundraiser for A-Robs Plant a Seed Project, but new this year, a qualifier for the Mt. Baker LBS. Lots was on the line for anyone who had competed in Big Sky two weeks prior.

If I could only say two things about A-Rob, I would say that he loved snowboarding, and was the friendliest person I have ever met. You can tell a lot about a person by the people they surround themselves with and anyone who competed, not fortunate enough to have met Aaron, got a great understanding of who he was from the lively, friendly vibe of the contest.  Many old friends were able to connect, and many new friends were made who will hopefully reconnect next year. Overall 275 people participated in Smash Life this season.

A wicked tight turn. PHOTO: Bryan Giddens.

To start the race, a 150-person cheer to celebrate the life of A-Rob followed a powerful moment of silence. Then the Kids, Women and Grumpy old men made their way into the start gate. The course was similar to the Derby, it was full of tightly placed banks, but it was a good 25-30 degrees steeper.  Hand dug by volunteers in only three days, the course was not your average Banked Slalom. Mid course berms were connected with long sidewalks, while the bottom of the course was hold on for your life tight. Short boards were helpful to say the least.

The 80 person open men's division followed up the rest of the groups. The only difference in the course was the top section. A large group of hecklers hung out above the start gate throwing snowballs and cheering for anyone who went into the fence on turn two. I was unaware of the reason that cheers were getting louder on the top of the course until I heard Paul Stanley recap his run after crossing the finish line. It went something like, "I fell on the second turn, but then a girl showed me her boobs, then I was laughing my ass off for the rest of my run and fell three more times, it was awesome! It was also another great example of the non-competitive nature of Smash Life.

After the awards Montana band "The Riot Act" kept a solid mosh pit going, which then funneled to lot three where those who were camping kept the party going late into the night. If you missed the after party, the Riot Acts album "Goin' Snakepunchin' " can be found on iTunes.

Thanks to Big Sky Resort, Alpental, K2, Volcom, Capita, Frontline Designs, Strobot Studios, Airblaster, Never Summer, World Boards, Four-o-Six, and A-Robs Plant a Seed Project for another great year!




Smash Life Series Overall



1.Kyle Miller

2.Todd Kirby

3. Chase Matteson

4. Tyrel Bacon

5. Micah Hoogeven



1. Sarris McComb

2. Brooke Geery


Alpental Results


1. Isabella Gomez



1.Keala Cole

2. Austin Buza

3. Matteo Sultane




1. Sarris Mccomb

2. Mallory Sullivan

3. Robyn Borneman

4. Jacqui Shaffer



Grumpy Old Men

1. Marcel Dolak

2. Ryan Mccurdy

3. Kimo Cole

4. Blue Montgomery


Open Men

1. Todd Kirby

2. Andy Bergin-Sperry

3. Kyle Miller

4. Jay Kelly

5. Chase Matteson

6. Micah Hoogeveen

7. Aaron Cardwell

8. Kael Martin

9. Tyrel Bacon

10. Carson Wiser