The 2014 Grand Prix from Breckenridge: Halfpipe Qualifiers

Greg Bretz
Chloe Kim
Louie Vito
Louie Vito
Kelly Clark
Shawn White
Ryo Aono
Ryo Aono
Gretchen Bleiler, Tricia Byrnes, Hannah Teter, Arielle Gold
Scotty Lago
Hannah Teter
Zack Black and Christian Haller
Danny Davis
Danny Davis
Elena Hight
Christian Haller
Holly Crawford
Gretchen Bleiler
Matt Ladley

Photos: Jeff Brockmeyer

Today was the pipe qualifiers for the 2014 Grand Prix at Breckenridge, Colorado. While it may have been snowing all day, it didn’t stop everyone from charging. Check out the gallery above to see what went down, and check out the results below.

Part of the Five Stops To Sochi series presented by Mammoth


Louie Vito. PHOTO: Jeff Brockmeyer


1. Greg Bretz

2. Louie Vito

3. Shaun White

4. Nate Johnstone

5. I Pod

6. Ayumu Nedefuji

7. Danny Davis

8. Brett Esser

9. Matt Ladley

10. Masakaze Yoshida

11. Kent Callister

12. Zach Black

13. Taylor Gold

14. Ryo Aono

15. Christian Haller



1. Chloe Kim

2. Kaitlyn Farrington

3. Elena Hight

4. Queralt Castellet

5. Arielle Gold

6. Kelly Clark

7. Sophie Rodriguez

8. Holly Crawford