Photos: Mike Azevedo
Words: Hondo

Well the 2012 Dew tour series is now officially over. It ended today with the slopestyle event. Both Men and Women destroyed the awesome course that the guys at Snowbasin resort constructed. The course was made up of three rail features, and two pretty good-sized jumps. Because the course was more rail oriented then jump it made the riders become more technical, and less double corky.

Spencer O'brien. PHOTO: Mike Azevedo

The women kicked off the event bright and early at 9 am. There were 6 women in today's final, but it really was just a battle between two, Spencer O'Brien and Enni Rukajärvi. Enni  was in the lead all morning with her run that consisted of an amazing backside 540 indy, to a cab 5. But right at the very end, during the final run of the contest, Spencer O'Brien put down her run of a switch backside 540 to a frontside rodeo 720. It was clearly the winning run, and she took home the win and the Dew cup. I don't know what it is about the women's events this weekend, but they sure loved to drag it out until the very last run.

Dash Kamp. PHOTO: Mike Azevedo

The guy's slope however was a completely different story. During the guys contest it seemed like it was way harder for everyone to land a complete run. Three of the favorites, Sage Kotsenburg, Eric Willlet, and Gjermund Braaten all couldn't put together a full run. Because of that, it made it so some new faces would make the podium. SoCal shredder Spencer Link put down some super clean nosepresses on the down bar, and some clean spins off the jumps. He's got some pretty solid style. Saga rider Dash Kamp was also riding really solid and was able to put down a full run and land himself in 2nd place.  But at the end of the day, it was Sebastien Toutant who was able to double cork his way into 1st place, and the Dew cup title.

It was an awesome season at the Dew tour, thanks to everyone who made it possible and we will see you all next year!!

From L to R: Dash Kamp, Seb Toots, Spencer Shaw. PHOTO: Mike Azevedo


Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Final Results

1. Spencer O'Brien, Canada, 94.50. 2. Enni Rukajarvi, Finland, 86.50.  3. Joanna Dzierzawski, South Lake Tahoe, Calif., 80.25.  4. Julianna Brackett, South Lake Tahoe, Calif., 73.75.  5. Nicki Slechta, Los Angeles, Calif., 67.50.  6. Sarka Pancochova, Czech Republic, 36.25.

Men's Snowboard Slopestyle Final Results

1. Sebastien Toutant, Canada, 94.50.  2. Dash Kamp, 83.50.  3. Spencer Link, 77.75.  4. Jake Aaronson, 70.50.  5. Gjermund Braaten, 69.75.  6. Sage Kotsenburg, 61.25.  7. Eric Willett, 58.75.  8. Seth Hill, 53.00.  9. Ian Thorley, 40.25.  10. Justin Morgan, 37.25.  11. Mark Hoyt, 25.00.  12. Brandon Reis, 23.25.