2012 Top 10: Mainstream Moments

1. Gucci Mane Signed On LRG’s “Snow Team”

The signing of Gucci Mane on LRG’s snowboard team didn’t make much sense, until we understood their definition of “Snow.” Then it makes a lot of sense.  Pretty damn funny.

2. “Shit Alta Skiers Say About SNOWboarding”

This is just classic. Skiers at Alta don’t seem to like us very much. This video went seriously viral.

3. Louie Vito On Judge Sapp

Louie Vito makes an appearance on Judge Warren Sapp as a guest DJ. “That’s Louie Vito! An Olympic snowboarder! A bronze medalist at the US X-Games!”  5:24 is when it gets really good. “Street skaters don’t make no money baby. Hit it Louie!”

4. Travis Rice Sets Sail


We always knew Travis Rice was a dirty sea man.

Travis Rice took a ride with USA’s Team Oracle, apparently these guys are really good at sailing. So that was kind of a big deal.


5. Shaun White On TMZ


Your boy Shaun White got picked up for a little public intoxication in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 18th, 2013, after Patrick Carney’s (the drummer of the Black Keys) wedding. Made headlines all over. Little too loose, there, Shaun. Oh well, happens to the best of us, right?

“Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has agreed to seek alcohol treatment after his crazy face-bruising public intoxication arrest in September — and he could end up beating the rap, altogether.

Shaun struck a deal with prosecutors today — agreeing to undergo alcohol treatment, perform 24 hours of community service, and pay restitution to the Nashville hotel he allegedly trashed in a drunken stupor.

As we reported, Shaun was arrested following the Nashville wedding for Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney — where he got sloshed on beaucoup vodka. According to police, Shaun left the wedding and wreaked havoc on the hotel where he was staying … pulling the fire alarm and breaking a telephone.

If Shaun holds up his end of the deal with prosecutors by January 25th — they have agreed to dismiss the public intoxication charge against him.

In exchange for Shaun’s cooperation, prosecutors have already dropped the vandalism charge.” 

—From TMZ

6. Jeremy Jones Goes To Washington, DC

Sometimes getting mainstream is a good thing. So on a positive note, Jeremy Jones took a trip to our Nation’s capital and spoke with State Representatives about the effects of climate change. Raising awareness on this issue is beyond necessary. Thanks, Jeremy.

7. Yellow Snow 2.0: Nate Bozung Loses His Shit, May Have Bought Method Magazine


Bozung got out of Neff Headwear financially, went on quite a rampage one night on Facebook, Jed Anderson got involved, things got weird… Then Nate went on some sort of trip to Barcelona that may or may not have ended with Red Cameras being bought and the hearsay acquisition of Method Magazine.

8. Think Thank Makes The News In Marquette, Michigan

Think Thank went to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to do some boarding for Mind The Video Man. Here’s Sean Black and Viktor Simko making friends with the local media, and end up giving a little lesson. Viktor wearing shorts in this clip makes it that much more ridiculous.

9. Swedish Boarders Gone Wild


In possibly the most publicized board world scandal of 2012, Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom had some fun and the local media caught on. Let’s just say they weren’t impressed. Words like “immature” and “values” were tossed around, but you know what? “Stripclubs in Austria sucks…” you say? Looks like an ok time.

10. DOPE 3 Starts “Riot” In Whistler


When the venue of the DOPE III premiere in Whistler reached capacity, the overflow got a little rowdy. A mob formed, someone apparently grabbed at a cop’s gun, and the (real) press was all over it.

“A Whistler snowboard movie premiere turned rowdy Saturday night after some of the roughly 50 people denied entry to the over-capacity bar taunted and allegedly attempted to assault police during an arrest outside the building.

Officers were arresting a 23-year-old Pemberton man for allegedly damaging a ski rack and its skis outside Dusty's Bar and BBQ in the mountain resort's Creekside neighbourhood.

The man continued to resist arrest as the crowd circled, egging on the suspect, and the partiers began to grab the officers and try to pull one officer's gun out of his holster, according to an RCMP news release.

The Pemberton man faces charges of resisting arrest, mischief and causing a disturbance according to the release.

"It is disappointing when something like this happens," said spokesman Sgt. Rob Knapton in the release. "Whistler is a resort community and we want to help ensure a safe experience for all visitors."

On the digital photosharing platform Instagram partygoers bemoaned the chaos at the 10 p.m. screening of the snowboarding movie D.O.P.E. III.”

— From the Vancouver Sun