2012 LAST CALL at Loon Mountain


Words and Photo captions: Tanner McCarty/ Eastsnowboardmag.com

Photos: Greg Furey/ Eastsnowboardmag.com

After one of the worst winters to date, the sun came out just in time for New Hampshire's version of homecoming, Eastern Boarder‘s 12th Annual LAST CALL. It's the event you don't bring your mother to (unless you’re Pat Moore or Chas Guldemond), as each year it lives up to its reputation of being an almost-out-of-control free-for-all, where ams one up the pros. Despite the conditions this winter, full of rain and warmth, Brian Norton and his infamous park crew put together a course that kept the riders and crowd in awe.

With three separate events, the rail portion of the contest started things off, and boy did it start quick. Birthday Boy Jeremy “Lemi” Landy dropped first with a wicked creative line, gapping off a butter-box with a huge transfer to the box beside it. Other crazies included a 720 attempt onto a step-up up box and Mary Rand’s phat stalefish off the pole jam. Brendon Rego, Ian Keay and Eugene "From The Bean" Stancato, all put it down, with some serious hams as well. However, the crowd pleaser was Nick Doucette with a huge transfer over the flat-down box onto the top of the massive creeper rail. When it was all said and done Nick went on to win the rail portion of the event.

Jayell White . PHOTO: Greg Furey

Next was the tranny portion of the contest with a substantial quarterpipe and Loon Mountain's infamous wall ride. In addition to the wall ride was a flat rail redirecting into the wall with wooden transition beneath. Between the constant near death collisions of people going up and down the transition, airs, plants, and all sorts of funky shit was happening, Nick Doucette again impressed the masses with his multiple attempts at handplanting the top of the head high barrel stall, eventually landing bolts in the middle of the tranny. Right as the session was about to end, Plymouth State alum, Kevin Bicknell, (who was probably not even in the contest) bombed into the setup, airing from the quarter pipe, sliding the entirety of the wall, redirecting into the wooden tranny on the other side, basically hitting all of the features at once. As the crowd roared, it was clear that the QP was just "Marked off" and everyone went to the Bunyan Room for Beers and Cheeseburgers.

Tyler Davis. PHOTO: Greg Furey

Last but certainly not least was the colossal hip that Brian Norton and the Loon Mountain park staff sculpted to perfection. If your thighs weren't already jelly from the first two sections of the event and the five PBR's you stole out of #yourboy's 30-pack, then the hip did it. A quick and steep tombstone take off, put riders "guy-in-the-sky" high, often in very strange positions. Hunter Wood was not fazed as he boosted huge backside methods, and eventually a frontside 360 bashing into the height meter about three-quaters of the way up, somehow putting him into the sweet spot of the landing. Kevin Court claimed double-backflip before the contest even started and after a couple warm up rodeos, sent two around but rotated onto his back. Ouch. Randall Stacy took a back 360 up and out to the flats of the landing with a knee busting impact that he some how road away from. Travis Nuenhaus was the most consistent with proper method grabs, and a couple spin variations all with respectably high air. However, when it comes down too it, all New Hampshire Dirts really care about is who sends the hip the biggest. Nick Doucette blasted a frontside air and a shifty back one, getting near the top of the height stick and landing him the highest air title.


Henry Padden. PHOTO: Greg Furey

At the end, Hunter Wood landed third place, Ian Key second and Nick Doucette in first with New Hampshire’s' heaviest title, Last Call Champ, and 1,500 dollars richer. The night went on and in the spirit of tradition everyone went to the bar and went onto to do regrettable things. Big thanks to all of the sponsors, K2, Oakley, ThiryTwo, Redbull, Celtek and of course Loon Mountain with special attention to the park staff that put in countless hours to make everything perfect for an amazing contest.




1.) Nick Doucette $1500, 32 boots, Oakley pack with prizes

2.) Ian Keay $1000, 32 boots, Oakley pack with prizes

3.) Hunter Wood $500 Oakley pack with prizes


1.)   Joanna Dzierzawski $800, 32 boots, Oakley pack with prizes

2.)   Mary Rand $400 Oakley pack with prizes

3.)   Amy Gan $200 Oakley pack with prizes


Nick Doucette $200

Wall and Quarterpipe

Terrick B $200


Travis Nuenhaus $200

Highest Air On Hip

Nick Doucette: Oakley Holeshot watch

Honorable Mentions

Henry Padden, John Murphy, Tyler Davis all won bags of sponsors gear.


PHOTO: Greg Furey