2011 West Coast Invitational | Mammoth Mountain

Day 1 WCI: Eddie Wall Ride

Words & Photos: Ben Birk

“Drink beer, Smoke cigs, and Smoke weed” were the last words at the riders meeting before the Eddie Wall Ride Invitational and start of WCI.  The closing words were Dylan Alito announcing over the mic that he was going to be putting all the women in handcuffs that evening.

Bright sun, soft snow, and wallrides were the backdrop to the Eddie comp.  Riders charged all day and ate a lot of crap on the fence wall feature.  Some did manage to make their way to the top of the toilet bowl and they were rewarded kindly.  Scott Vine shined the most and took home first with Johnny Lazz and Tonton Holland finishing up top three.  Best Trick was given to Cody Boan and Dylan Alito who took home iPads.  And Eddie Wall Sr. brining home three beers for the senior class.


1st Scott Vine ($10,000)
2nd Johnny Lazz
3rd Tonton Holland
Best Trick- Cody Boan and Dylan Alito

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Day 2 WCI: Rail Jam at the Village & Mammoth Concert Series

Words: Ben Birk

The next night a large crowd gathered in the Mammoth Village in wonder at a two story scaffolding drop in ramp where there was going to be a contest of some sorts and $10,000 given away to the winner.  The landing was a mess with riders dropping in from both sides.  Running up for another turn could be just as dangerous as hitting the features.  The excitement drove the crowd crazy and they roared all night as tricks were landed and crashed.  After everyone was soaked and exhausted the winner was announced.  Taking home the $10,000 and custom Jamie Lynn painting was Dylan Alito.


Winner: Dylan Alito  ($10,000)

Video by Pat Barraza