Sunshine Daydream

This past Saturday, Bear Mountain, CA drove in, cut out, poured on, and soaked up one of the wildest TransAM courses ever built, providing more than enough fun in the sun for the 2011 TransWorld TransAM Finals. Congratulations to Bear Mountain winner Daniel Brown and Jamie Madrid, and a big shout to our 2011 Overall Champions: Garrett Warnick and Tash Sagucka.—AH

TransWorld TransAM Finals, Bear stee.
The ol' tongue-balance technique, eh... Air Jordan would be proud.
The Ride pond skim always get 'em wet. ... Wait...
TransAm Finalist hails a Cab 5 over the Giro jump.
2011 Overall TransAM champion, Tasha Sagucka. Switch frontboard.
Right after this, Aladdin tumbles to the pit of the dungeon, where he befriends a methed-out Genie, steals from hard-working street vendors while riding a tassled carpet, battles a shit-talking parrot, and eventually, marries some chick with MC Hammer pants. Disney movies suck.
Lean back, lean back... on the Coal Feature.
Kyle Smith backs his tail up on the HCSC short buses.
Every competitor was getting in on the pond skim.
It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock 'n roll.
There's always ONE kid who throws the backflip...
That there's some darn good extension. 3rd Place finisher Ian Sams buckles up the short buses.
Colt Morgan frontboards the Coal Bear. Was he named after a football team or was his Daddy some kind of Horse Whisperer? We'll never know...
HCSC's Adam Kisiel is the dude, but 7-11 coffee? Really, homie? ...Ew.
Chillin' on the Zumiez couch.
Dustin Henrickson proudly displays his Finals jersey.
Wanna get your pic published on Huck a flip while drinking a bottle of the sponsor's sports drink.
Pint-sized shredder Hailey Longland holds her ground in a proverbial land of giants.
Chase Fromm flew all the way from South Dakota to HOHO the Zumiez couch.
Yeah, this is pretty stylely, but... can he Zeach?
Chris Johnson back 180s out of the Ride cess pool.
If there were a few more kids in the pond, and techno bumping from the system, this could be a
Womens Podium L-R: Jamie Madrid 1st, Melissa Spillman 3rd, Tove Holmgrem 2nd.
Mens Podium L-R: Daniel Brown 1st, Connor Brown 2nd, Ian Sams 3rd.
Upper deck. Lipper on the HCSC Buses, combo to the Beach Bar.

Video: Justin Gunson
Photo: Russel Kaczmar
Words: Adam Kisiel

Anyone that has been to a real rock show knows that the end of the show is always the best.  The band will usually do something crazy to make the crowd go nuts and scream for an encore.  When I was younger I once experienced this same thing when a more known punk band finished off the show by smashing everything on stage, throwing it all in a pile, and setting it on fire.  They then went back stage, grabbed more instruments, and finished off the show with everything burning behind them.  It’s a feeling like no other.  Your heart pumps hard, the adrenaline flows through every vein in your body, and you can’t help but scream at the top of your lungs.

That same feeling spread like wildfire through Southern California as the Transworld Snowboarding TransAm series came to the final set and encore at Bear Mountain, CA.  Clayton Shoemaker, Park Manager, had watched every video on the TransAm site since losing grip of the Premier Park Award in the 2010 season.  Park City left their mark on the 2011 tour with feature creativity that had never been witnessed before in TransAm history, a task usually taken on by Shoemaker and crew at Bear.  This only upped the ante for the 2011 Premier Park Award.

As you approached the top of the main staircase at Bear, a huge bear head made of snow immediately greeted you.  The bear was wearing a Coal Headwear beanie and had huge fangs made of ice.  Riders like Ian Sams, who took third, could be seen riding though the mouth of the beast, airing out and landing on the flat box placed in front of the bear.  The Zumiez couch was nested on the side of the bear head allowing riders the option to stall on the couch or wall ride the side of the bear head over the couch. Melissa Spillma, who took third for the gals, didn’t waste any time stalling her board to pass the minutes.  Multiple option features and transition was the theme as riders sessioned the High Cascade Snow Buses feature. That’s not a typo; Bear had two buses to jib, one set up at an angle and the other sitting flat.  They were offset from each other so that you could hit one and wall ride the other or transfer from one to the other.  Connor Brown, who took second, made sure he didn’t miss the bus, taking advantage of the several options to board on and off.  Fancy feet was the name of the game on the Anon down rail that was the entrance into the bus stop.  Tove Holmgrem, second placer for the gals, showed just how quick she was on her board, leaving spectators wondering what they were seeing from behind the goggle lens.  Daniel Brown, champion, defied gravity all day long on the Giro jump with hip option as Jamie Madrid did the same showing that girls just want to have fun too!

The Ride Snowboards gap jump “Wish You Were Here” feature was like no other for this Bear stop.  It was set up as a gap jump down into a pond skim to down rail out.  The crowd went wild as one finalist took his custom seated snowboard through the pond skim.  The riders above screamed at the top of their lungs as he held his speed into the feature.  This pushed everyone to ride even harder.  The Vitamin Water tent and barrels full of Vitamin Water were placed at the drop in of this feature.  I gave the challenge of back flipping while drinking Vitamin Water stur-D mid flip and Chase Fromm immediately accepted.  Once again, the immense crowd at the bottom went bonkers and only grew in numbers as they kept their eyes glued to the feature, not wanting to miss a single moment.  In proper encore fashion most of the riding field went back up to the top and rode over the Ride Snowboards pond skim at rapid fire one right after the other splashing through the water on this warm spring day.

The hotdog after-party was the stage for our winners to receive awesomeness from our sponsors in the form of Custom TransAM beanies from Coal Headwear, backpacks from High Cascade Snowboard Camp, outerwear and snowboards from Ride Snowboards, Anon goggles, Drop Gloves, Giro Helmets, Zumiez gift cards, Vitamin Water backpacks, and the coveted TransAm Trophies from Transworld Snowboarding.  Vitamin Water also made a huge metal elk head trophy for the overall guys tour winner, Garrett Warnock.  Courtesy of Ride, Garrett and overall gals winner, Tasha Sagucka, walked with all expense paid trips to the Ride Snowboards Shakedown at Snoqualmie this coming weekend.

One thing can be said about this past weekend, it was all about having fun, cheering each other on, and forgetting about everything else that was happening in the world.  Bear Mountain made this happen for several riders at this final stop and this TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM Tour will never be the same.


That's some darn good extension, this is. Bucklin' up the HCSC short buses at Bear. PHOTO: Russell Kaczmar


1. Daniel Brown
2. Connor Brown
3. Ian Sams

1. Jamie Madrid
2. Tove Holmgren
3. Melissa Spillman

STANDOUT RIDER – Chris Johnson

BEST TRICK – Chase Fromm

PINT SIZED RIPPER – Hailey Langland



Men: Garrett Warnick
Women: Tasha Sagucka