It was a big year for tricks. Totally new ones, new rail variations, big spins, and of course the hottest—double corks. Here are 5 bangers that really stood out.

5. Outta Nowhere Rail Skills, 50-50 to front 3 back to  50-50: Ethan Deiss

4. Wrecking Rails: Jed Anderson’s back 1 to switch nosepress to switch back 1 out. Tech as f*&k!

3. Backcountry Double-corks: Dudes dropped some sick ones. This front 10 by Gigi Rüf is a fine example. Homeboy is on the upcoming March cover of TransWorld Snowboarding. Look for it on newsstands on January, 4th. Get it.

2. Urban Death Gap: Dan Brisse is a man. Watch it.

1. Halfpipe Double-corks: Shaun White took the double-cork to the pipe wall and set off a chain reaction. Now, not quite a year later, a double-cork is mandatory for everyone who wants to make it to the finals. Hey pipe spectators, say thanks to Shaun.