2009 Top Five…Or Six: Snowboard Graphics

So the snowboarding season is finally here, and a new slew of boards have again flooded the marketplace, each board offering its own visual identity. Some good, most bad. They are here never-the-less, taking up space in the universe. So with out further delay, here’s Artattack‘s picks for “The Top Five…Or Six Board Graphics Of 2009” in no particular order. Enjoy.


Salomon Sick Stick

This little beauty designed by Geoff Mcfetridge ( made the top five best board graphics list. Why you may ask? Well let’s be honest for a second, you’ve got to sacrifice a few trees to make a snowboard, right? Look a little closer and you’ll find a couple of lumberjacks doing what they do best, smoking trees. Easy Timmy, this board is made from bamboo, so get your head out of the gutter.


Ride DH 2.3

The Ride DH2.3 needs to be in this grouping because the fact that it is a late release. Can you say “limited edition?” With only 345 of these beauties out there in circulation makes them more rare then Bigfoot, Lepricons, Unicorns, Sex over 40, and Jesus. Shawn O’Keefe ( illustrates the How To section in our magazine as well as making great snowboard graphics. The Artattack “Most Valuable Artist Award” goes to you Shawn. Well done.


Capita Ultrafear FK

Next up we’d like to thank Capita Snowboards for creating a nice blend of L.S.D. inspired zombie porn. I think Capita’s artist Ephraim is still contributing in some way to this crop of graphics, however he hasn’t updated his site ( since 2006! Ephraim Chui if you’re alive, update your shit bud. FK stands for Flat Kick, or fucking kewl?


Forum Youngblood

This year we saw a nice blend of back-to-basics, hand-drawn board graphics. The Forum Youngblood is a shining example of this. This graphic may contain: a beached whale, Bigfoot in a hot-tub, a crashed flying saucer, giant killer party crabs, and some random hillbillies shooting birds out of the sky, just to name a few. Add it up for pretty amazing visual mind fuck.


Burton Custom

What else? Are you a minimalist? Less is more? Do you wear a lot of black and smoke cigs on the regs? Burton’s custom is for you. Keep it simple idiot, a couple stripes, a hit of color, that’s all anyone really needs, right? This board emits the stench of arrogance that really can’t be ignored. Plus it’s a Transworld Good Wood winner, if you care to ride it.


Bataleon Evil Twin Arist Edition

One more hammer graphic (may contain nudity) for your eye screens. The Bataleon evil twin Artist Edition created by the very talented Pieter Parra ( Parra really is killing it with his use of hand drawn typography, sense of color, and representation of the female form (wink). We dig it.