Lots of sick contests and events went down last season. Contest battles, good times, prize money and lots of bad ass boardin’. Here’s the 5 best of 2009.

5. Air & Style: Europe’s O.G. arena contest came back to Innsbruck, Austria for 2009. Double-cork fest. Marko Grilc won it.

4. Dirksen Derby: The Northwest has always been notorious for its laid-back contest atmosphere full of good times. Josh Dirksen’s Annual fundraiser race is one of the coolest. 2009 was the 3rd Annual event, held at Mount Bachelor, Oregon.

3. U.S. Open: '09 at Stratton was a rad one. Lago killed the Quarter, Kass got his 5th Us Open pipe title, Torah Bright got her 3rd pipe title and nailed the Switch Back 7 in the contest. Late nights at the Green Door--if you were there, you know.

2. TransWorld Team Shoot Out: Nobody knew our photo & video driven contest would turn out like this. Rome vs. DC vs. Forum vs. Burton. Rome crushed everyone (Video HERE). What’s gonna happen in 2010? Stay tuned.

1. The European Open: A big upset in Laax, Switzerland last January. Kevin Pearce smoked Shaun White in the pipe final. Epic parties and freeriding and good vibes all the way around. Yeah, it’s a contest, but more like a big party for the whole Euro shred scene.