2007 Team Challenge Game of PIG

Yesterday morning the Transworld Team Challenge kicked off at Heavenly with a slew of Elvises, construction workers, Chewbacas, Indians, Ninja Turtles, human nametags, dice, Team Zissou, nuns, etc., etc. vying for first place in a seriously serious game of PIG. The spring Tahoe heat was as hot as the competition as each group of four times marched off into battle.

Once the contest started, there wasn’t much stopping. Tension was high as each team was put into a group of four, and then directed to go hit one of four features—a jump, a podium box, a rail, and a hip—where they would duke it out in a good old fashioned elementary-school-gymnasium style game of PIG.

Warm-up runs are things for people with too much time on their hands, so it wasn’t really an option, as we at the Team Challenge are all extremely busy people—fortunately for us busy people, every team but K2 and Forum were knocked out by round 3. Part of this may have been due the fact that the down rail proved particularly difficult, and some carnage (to be completely honest, carnage may be one of the most ridiculous words out there. Unfortunately, it’s one of those terms that seems to be necessary when writing about any extreme sport, so my thesaurus and I tried to find some alternatives. So far, we’ve come up with slaughter, massacre, mass murder, butchery, bloodbath, pogrom, and ethnic cleansing. As in: “Did you see that contest? There was some serious butchery going down! “Dude! I know! So much ethnic cleansing! I don’t know. I mean, it might work—maybe try it on for size and see what happens. Anyway, back to the contest.) went down despite the tremendously slushy battlefield.

In the end, Eero Niemela of K2 and Peter Konig of Forum were left to fight for the glory the hip. After they both slashed aggressive Cross Rockets over the banner, it came down to a struggle of gravity defiance in the Highest Air showdown. First came Eero, soaring over the banner in all his Finnish glory, and although the airtime was nothing short of incredible, his legs gave out in a slow-motion Cool Runnings-esque moment. As an old-ish man stood up and lead the sea of onlookers in a slow-clap, Peter soared over the banner in all his glory, riding away clean and unscathed. Then, while some people were still slow-clapping for Eero, the rest of the crowd picked up Peter and carried him all the way down the mountain. And as they watched their exalted teammate ride away into the sunset, the rest of the Forum team celebrated because they had officially won the dangerously extreme title of 2007 Transworld Team Challenge Game of PIG Champions. Four snowmobile racks were contributed to the winning team courtesy of CFR, Cheetah Factory Racing—cheetahfactoryracing.com.

2007 TransWorld SNOWboarding Team Challenge

Final Results: Game of PIG

1. Forum: Nick Sauve, Daniel Eck, Peter Konig, Meghann O’Brien

2. K2: Bryan Fox, Robbie Walker, Eero Niemela, Leanne Pelosi

And just for fun, here’s a list of the features and tricks:

Backside 180 no wiggle
Backside seven with grab

Podium Box
50-50 to frontside boardslide off regular
Boardslide to switch frontside boardslide off switch
Gap 270 to down

Frontside lipslide out regular
Frontside boardslide 270 out
Switch frontside boardslide out switch

Crail over the flag
Ally Oop over the flag
Cross Rocket over the flag
Highest air (with grab)