2007 Good Wood Intro

Hello Customer,

We know how overwhelming it can be to walk into a snowboard shop looking for the perfect snowboard, only to be totally overwhelmed by the selection. That’s why we created the Good Wood Board Test. It’s a cheat sheet for you to find the best freestyle park board without the guessing game or the time commitment.

We provide bios on our testers so you can compare your size, style, and ability level to them. We also provide detailed info from designers at each company to let you know what they had in mind when they designed and built these winning boards. We do all this so you can walk into a shop with the Good Wood board list and walk out a winner … with a new shred stick. We present to you the top men and women’s Good Wood boards.

Yours truly,

TransWorld SNOWboarding


The Good Wood Board Test has become a much-anticipated spring tradition around TransWorld. We hire qualified testers, house them, feed them, strap them in, and assign them to snowboard for one week in a perfectly sculpted park. We arm them with next year’s snowboards and with the goal of shaking down the massive piles of boards into just the pick of the litter.

Like always, every tester (using their own boots and bindings) rides every board. At the completion of each run, the next board is set up as the testers fill out a score sheet. Boards are assigned each day and rotated so that board number 69 won’t always be ridden in morning hardpack or the afternoon slush. The testing grounds is The Park at Bear Mountain, California, which ranks in the TWS Resort Poll as one of the top ten parks in the world.

But that’s not all, our aim is to eliminate as many variables as possible in the test to ensure that every board gets a fair try. The boards are sent to us blank, that means blank topsheets and bases-not a small task, but one of the most important moves we make to make sure that the testers are testing the boards, and not the company’s image. TransWorld board test is the only snowboard or ski test that achieves this level of fairness.

This year, we also added almost twenty percent more boards and doubled the number of testers. This eliminates the chance that one tester’s bad experience doesn’t totally take the board out of the running (think back to that statistics class), and it also allowed us to hire more of a variety of testers. The new and improved test crew included snowboard shop buyers who are quick to tune into the boards technical handling, snowboard instructors and camp coaches who are all competent at slowing things down and focusing on the subtleties of how a board rides, and dedicated riders and professional snowboarders who shred year-round and charge through the park and tell us if the board can keep up-or not. The one catch: all of our testers have to be expert snowboards, but none of them can have a board sponsor.

And finally, we expanded the Good Wood freestyle categories to make sure that everyone can find the right board for their riding style and their wallet.-Annie Fast