2006 USASA All American Team Finishes First Place And Brings Home The Topolino Snowboard Trophy

Val Di Sole, Italy--Today, the USASA All American Team won the 9th Topolino Snowboard Trophy for the third consecutive year. After four days of training, competing and qualifying, the USA team finished on top against 27 countries at the 9th Trofeo Topolino. The action-packed competitions ended with a trophy ceremony. Familiar with the USA Team, Mickey Mouse presented the Topolino Snowboard Trophy to the USASA All American Team at the podium.

Competing for the Kids Male category, Mick Dierdorf, 14, (Steamboat Springs, CO), placed first in the final halfpipe competition after impressing judges with huge airs and spins and a solid performance. Behind Dierdorf, JJ Tomlinson, 14, (Park City, UT), won second place for the USA team. Brook Shaw, 14, (Bantam, CT), took second in both the Boardercross® and halfpipe finals. Tyler Troy, 15, (Weston, CT), won the halfpipe Youth Male category, adding 240 points to the USA total. Katie Williams, 16, (Bend, OR), finished third place in the halfpipe Youth Females category.

“This years’ USASA All American Team has extensive competition experience and an amazing ability to perform under pressure, said Jessica Zalusky, manager, USASA All American Team. “For many young riders, the Topolino Snowboard Trophy is the first international competition that they compete in. It was exciting to see that many past USASA All American Team members were representing the U.S. Snowboarding team that brought home the most Olympic medals. This years’ USASA All American Team was pumped up when they arrived in Italy in hopes to continuing the USA momentum. It is a nice high to bring home the trophy again. The USASA All American Team consists of 43 members competing in four international events in Canada, Italy, France and Switzerland. The team is managed by Jessica Zalusky with the assistance of staff and coaches; Mark Harris, Adam Scott, Scott Morin and Curt Anderson.

9th Annual Trofeo Topolino overall results:

1st. USA, 126.02
2nd. Switzerland, 1230.20
3rd. Spain, 1127.44

Disney of Europe is the primary sponsor and host of the 9th Trofeo Topolino. “Topolino is Italian for mouse. Participating countries include; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Republic of Saint Marino, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

The USASA All American Team will be competing at the 2006 USASA National Championship starting March 26 and ending April 1 at Northstar at Tahoe in California, the world’s largest snowboard event. Many of the USASA All American Team members hold USASA National Championship titles and are expected to finish in the top of the field of riders.

To learn more about becoming a USASA member, the 2006 USASA National Championship or to view the current local event schedule visit www.USASA.org or call 800-404-9213. See the USASA Web site for the schedule.

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