20 Years – The Performers

The Performers
TWS spoon-fed idols to a world of hungry snowboarders.

The Performers issue of TWS came out in the fall of 1988. This second issue of the second volume elevated fifteen riders to instant icon status.
The pool of pro snowboarders was smaller back then than it is now, but narrowing down the world’s great riders was far from easy. A testament to the early judgment of the TWS staff, about a third of the riders featured in The Performers issue would still make today’s list of “Best Riders Ever.”
At the time, Sims had the best team in the world. Craig Kelly rode blank “mystery” boards without graphics because he was in the middle of a contract dispute between Sims (his original sponsor) and Burton (his future sponsor).
From the list of “performers,” snowboarders everywhere found an idol. The riders chosen for the feature were purposely varied in their styles and personalities, so there was someone that shreds of every persuasion could identify with. These were the early legends of the sport. For many of us, the riders in The Performers issue are the ones we’ve looked up to and tried to emulate ever since.-K.H.

The Performers:

Bert LaMar (Sims)
Petra Mussig (Sims)
Damian Sanders (Avalanche)
Terry Kidwell (Sims)
Shaun Palmer (Sims)
Dave Achenbach (Barfoot)
Craig Kelly (Burton “Mystery”)
Peter Bauer (Burton)
Kerri Hannon (Burton)
Kevin Delaney (Sims)
Amy Howat (Gnu)
Mike Jacoby (Burton)
Dan Donnelly (K2)
Dave Dowd (Naked Boards)
Evan Feen (Barfoot)