Dave: Back in 1990, Transworld SNOWboarding hosted the first-ever Riders’ Poll Awards. We wanted it to be an annual event … here we are in 1999 at the second annual Riders’ Poll Awards.

Sal: We’ve set aside a night to honor and celebrate the achievements of our athletes. TransWorld‘s staff sent out over 350 ballots to sponsored riders around the globe. Riders voted for their peers in nine categories to select their favorite and most influential riders. To win the Riders’ Poll Award is the ultimate honor, as winners are selected by their fellow riders.

Dave: The tenth award is the Readers’ Choice, selected by readers of TransWorld.

Sal: Now to present …

That is pretty much how it all started, a gala affair filled with spotlights; limos; high-heeled, sequin-wearing, feather-headdressed showgirls; free drinks; a “soulful” band; flash-bulbs flashing everywhere; free drinks; drumrolls and red carpets; moving acceptance speeches; and free drinks. Snowboarders from all over the world showed up, dressed to kill. Hosting were Sal “Alphanumeric” Masekela and our own, Dave “I Ain’t Nervous” Sypniewski. Presenters included Tom Sims; Russell Winfield and Circe Wallace; Bev, Chris, and Damian Sanders; Shaun and Kari White; Mike Olsen and Pete Saari; Mike and Tina Basich; Chuck Barfoot; Jake Burton; Victoria Jealouse and Shannon Dunn; and Andy Hetzel and Matty Goodman.

The TransWorld 1999 Riders’ Poll Awards Ceremony took place at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 11. TransWorld Media, Crown Plastics-proud makers of Dura Surf 2100, Sharp Skins Extreme Printing, and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino made it all possible.

“I’m really proud to be in a sport where the originators aren’t dead yet, and I’d like to thank you, Tom Sims, Jake Burton, and Chuck Barfoot. I’d also like to thank some of the innovators of our sport, like Terry Kidwell and all the riders of the present who are pushing it.”-Mark Fawcett, winner of Best Male Racer who’d written a few things down on the back of an ATM receipt just in case

“I’m usually a tough guy-can you believe it? I’m f-king nervous. I’d like to thank myself for being good, and I’m going to stay in the public eye, People Magazine, and USA Today, in hopes of making kids love our sport more than football and baseball.”-Shaun Palmer, winner of Best Male Boardercross rider

“Wow, what an honor to win something when you aren’t even competing for it, but just doing it because it’s something you love.”-Karleen Jeffrey, winner of Best Female Big Mountain Rider

“I think that it’s great we participate in a sport where you don’t have to compete to be the best in the world. Snowboarding is all about freeriding and having fun, and that’s what this award is all about.”-Jake Burton, announcing the award winners for Readers’ Choice

“Four years ago we had an opportunity to sponsor Peter Line, but our team manager Paul Ferrell turned him down.”-Mike Olsen, announcing Peter Line as Best Male Freestyle Rider

“Last night I got kicked out of my own party for breakdancing, so I’m going to finish my moves.”-Peter Line

“I’d like to thank everyone I’ve ever filmed with. I wish I could break this up into a lot of little pieces and give them to everyone who deserves it.”-Mack Dawg, winner of Best Video for Decade

“I’ve been trying to get my photo in TransWorld for ten years now so I thought if I put on a dress and one of these TransWorld photographers caught me at just the right angle, it just might end up my lucky night.”-Betsy Shaw, winner of Best Female Racer

“This is a great awards ceremony, because winners are based on an entire year, not just one pipe contest.”-Mikey Basich, announcing Best Pipe Riders

Barrett Christy was so thankful, she dropped her award during her acceptance speech for Readers’ Choice.


Riders’ Choice

Freestyle Rider

Peter Line

Tara Dakides

Big-Mountain Rider

Johan Olofsson

Karleen Jeffrey

Pipe Rider

Terje Haakonsen

Nicola Thost

Best Racer

Mark Fawcett

Betsy Shaw


Shaun Palmer

Leslee Olsen


Dave Downing

Shannon Dunn


Michael Michalchuk

Morgan LaFonte

Video Segment

Peter Line in Decade

Overall Video of 1999