Backside Double 1260 Took the Win at the Event in Aspen

15 year old, Chris Corning, won the 16th annual KickAspen Big Air Invitational at Aspen Mountain on Friday, March 21st.  Corning, who calls Snowmass his home mountain, landed a backside double 1260 on the 70 foot  kicker for the win during the jam-style event.

“The KickAspen event was super rad,” Corning told us following the event.

“I got to hang out with some sweet dudes and throw down together on a sick jump. And I won 2,000 dollars– An amazing prize!” He continued.

20 snowboarders were invited and battled it out on the jump under the lights and in front of a sprawling crowd of about 250 people during the annual event in Aspen.

“It’s cool to be downtown in Aspen and see these guys throwing down on the big jump. The KickAspen event has been super fun. I’m stoked to see the rider’s stomp so many impressive tricks,” said Brett Segal, 24, who was visiting from Vermont and watched event.

Check out the photo gallery above to see all the action.

KickAspen Big Air Invitational Results

1st—Chris Corning
2nd—Mark Hoyt
3rd—Blake Axelson