You may think jacked-up looking hairdos are the results of someone being lazy or too poor to afford a trip to the stylist, but in fact people actually take pride in these cuts, which would look better on a French poodle than a human head of hair. These works of art don’t happen by accident. As if a rocker wakes up in the morning after a hard night of head banging with a perfectly groomed mullet. Nah, it takes just the right amount of shampooing, feathering, and hair drying to get a style right. The following space in the magazine is dedicated to those who have issues and express them by rockin’ f-ked up ‘dos.

Here’s what’s hot and what’s not in hairstyles these days.What’s Hot: Cutting your hair/Crawford with Mullet. What’s Not: Dyeing your hair/Crawford with hair dye.

Predictions For 2001 Remember Palmer’s Bozo hairstyle? Well, our prediction for 2001 is all the funny guys in snowboarding who’ve been rocking mullets, mohawks, and cornrows will be rocking the “comb-over” this year. So don’t act surprised when you see Travis Parker getting ready to drop into the pipe with a perfectly hair sprayed comb-over.