2016 Red Bull All-Snow Rolls into Carinthia Parks at Mt. Snow

Words & Photos: Ashley Rosemeyer

As I rolled up to Mt. Snow for this year’s Red Bull All-Snow event, I really had no idea what to expect. As a full-time resident of Vermont, I have personally witnessed the challenges this winter has thrown at the hard working crews across the East Coast. They have been fighting a seemingly endless battle to maintain rideable and enjoyable parks this season, but after seeing Saturday's setup, it seems as though the Mount Snow park crew had made a deal with the devil. Despite the East’s lack of snow, they managed to create a truly astonishing course. Consisting of tall vert walls, endless transitions and deep bowls, it would be enough to make Steve Caballero proud.

The stoke was high as the sun filled the sky and endless Red Bull flowed through the riders' veins. Max Lyons kicked things off in he practice round by completely airing over the volcano at the bottom of the course while riders such as Tucker Speer sent it deep on the multiple hips provided. Riders willing to go the biggest and to get the most creative proceeded to the finals.

Shaun Murphy was the first to drop, sending a huge tuck knee over the DJ booth which proved to be an instant crowd pleaser. Lauren Tamposi also continued to hold it down for the ladies with a huge bag of stylish maneuvers. Riders pushed their limits as time wore thin and more spectators flocked to the gate. Zebulon Powell, who recently celebrated his 16th birthday, was sending it bigger than anyone else there. His lofty backflips and countess spins throughout the course earned him the coveted custom Snurfer and the win for the day. All and all good times were had and Mt. Snow came through once again. Come out and enjoy some sunny springtime sessions on this awesome setup; it’s now open to the public!

Max Lyons. Photo: Ashley Rosemeyer

Max Lyons. Photo: Ashley Rosemeyer