10 YouTube Random Gems

You’ve got time to kill, and we’re going to be your accomplice. We’ve delved into the depths of the YouTube archive, and unearthed some real top shelf distractions.

Scotty Wittlake in Kingpin’s Greatest Hits, Kingpin Productions 2004

This clip showcases a ton of sick footage from the years that Scotty filmed with Kingpin, and before he retired from professional snowboarding. Features commentary by Lukas Huffman, Mikey LeBlanc, Gigi Ruf, Andrew Crawford, and Scott E. himself. The clip ends with Scotty’s full part from 2002’s Brainstorm. Watch and learn a thing or two.

MFM in Back in Black, Kingpin Productions 2003

Marco is one of snowboarding’s true rockstars. This is definitely one of his best performances to date, and the over-the-top intro is all time.

“Yo, that P. Diddy light thing was crazy. Them foo’s went all out this time! I was trippin’! The shit was off the hook, for real. I just hope people ain’t all thinkin’ I’m really seriously tryin’ to be some rip-off rapper homey or some shit! It’s all just a joke thang, an intro for my part--that’s it. You know, filler shit!”--Marc Frank Montoya

JP Walker in True Life, Forum 2002

This video came out during the height of the Forum 8’s popularity, and has stood the test of time as one of the greatest snowboard videos of all-time, team or otherwise. JP snagged the ender and the rest is history.

Chris Bradshaw in One Love, F.O.D.T. 2005

A true underground king, Bradshaw has style points for days.

Andreas Wiig in Derelictica, Defective Films 2005

There’s a reason why Andreas got a cover and feature interview in TransWorld SNOWboarding last year--he f--king slaughtered everything is his path. Switch back three the DCP cliff, ’nuff said.

Travis Rice in Pop, Absinthe Films 2004

This gem features exclusive coverage of the first session of the famed Chad’s Gap in Utah. Trice’s opening shot is beyond ridiculous.

Eero Ettala in From ____, With Love, Mack Dawg Productions 2005

Eero’s first part with the DDawger crew--off the meat hook.

Simon Chamberlain in MTN LAB, DC 2005

The sleepiest style since Tom Penny, and the best private training facility in snowboarding.

David Benedek in Lame, Robot Food 2003

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a switch backside rodeo nine! Benedek’s opening section from the late, great Robot Food’s sophomore release.

Freddy Austbo in Paradox, Standard Films 2005

Young Frederik has serious skills on a board--on and off the snow. He was named Best Overall European Skateboarder in 2004 for good reason.