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We have wrote a lot about Halldor over the past few years as he has risen through the ranks of snowboarding’s elite, but now it is his turn. After spending a year filming for our latest movie, Arcadia, we thought we would sit down with one of the most intriguing characters in our culture and shoot a few questions his way about balancing the filming of a full part, owning multiple business ventures, and still being able to party harder than almost anyone we know. Enjoy a brief glance into the brain of Halldor Helgason, and don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom for a chance to win his gear! –
Mark Clavin

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The man, the myth, the legend, Halldor Helgason. PHOTO: Cyril Mueller

This is your first time filming with Transworld, and your first non-self produced part since NeverNot… How was it? What are the differences between your projects in the past and this one?
This year was one of the most fun seasons I've ever had. When you are producing you have to be a lot more involved with everything like sponsorships, riders, trips and it's more pressure on you to do well because it’s a project you have to stand behind. I was kind of over having all those obligations every year and was really pumped to film with TransWorld this season. It's simpler than self-producing and you are able to focus more on your own riding. You get on a crew and snowboard as much as you can with who ever is filming for that movie. I also got to meet and ride with a lot of people I never met before and that was awesome.

Halldor, Tor, and Kevin in Saas Fe. PHOTO: Theo Muse

Who was your crew all season and what were you most hyped on them doing? Coolest trick you saw someone else do this season?
I mostly rode with Kevin Backstrom aka Caveman and Tor Lundstrom aka Tornado this season. It's impossible to have a bad time when you are cruising with those guys. They are really on it and want to get stuff done, but at the same time they don't take it too seriously and they know how to have a good time. That's the perfect combo I think. I saw a lot of cool stuff go down this season and I don't want to spoil anything… buuut one of them did an insaaaaane Method and another one of them did a fucked up 1080, so just stay tuned for the movie, it’s going to be a fun one.

How was it riding with Red?

Redman is for sure one of my favorite snowboarders from the younger generation. He has sick style. He's a nice kid. He's able to film and ride contests, and he just keeps it real, and so does the entire Gerard family!

Halldor and the sunrise in Sundsvall, Sweden. PHOTO: Daniel Bernstal

It seems like you had an insane season as well, what were some of your highlights?
Hell yeah, this season was so sick. Highlights would be our trip to Tahoe, it was so fun to ride there again and film pow, street, park and slush. Then of course the RV Tour of Death in Sweden, Superpark 21, straight into Lobster Cream Week in Iceland, shiiied just thinking back on it now, I have to say that the entire season was a highlight, haha.

The makings of a shot? PHOTO: Ben Birk

What is your 10 shot blackout rule? When did you start this?
Haha, the 10 shot black out rule is something I invented this year and how it works is you have to get 10 film shots before you're allowed to party (A and B shots and really good bails count). I have to say, it really helped me this season and I definitely recommend that rule. Without it, it's easy to party too much sometimes.

How many shots did you get this year/blackout?
I ended up with 103 shots but that's with Superpark and the Lobster cream week and some park riding as well.
(Editor’s note: That is ten blackouts, but we are guessing Halldor rounded up a few times.)

This is definitely a blackout worthy shot. PHOTO: Ben Birk

When did you have your first taste of alcohol?
I went on a family holiday to Spain when I was 8 years old. It was my first time out of Iceland. I was chilling on the balcony and drank a Sol beer that my dad gave me and I hallucinated and thought that I saw a camel by the swimming pool… really random. I didn't really start drinking until I was almost 18, my brother Eiki and our friend Gulli Gudmundsson had a bet that if I would start drinking before 18 I would have to squeeze his poop in my hand and if I made it to 18 he would have to squeeze my poop. Unfortunately the bet ended with me squeezing Gulli's poop because I got destroyed drunk with Andrew Geeves on my first trip with DC in Australia when I had like 3 months to go, haha, classic.

Halldor rock gap to a front board in Sundsvall, Sweden. PHOTO: Daniel Bernstal

After watching The History of Halldor, is snowboarding and potato farming similar?
I can't really say potato farming is similar in any way to snowboarding other than it's a lot of work. The main difference is I enjoy snowboarding, but can't really say I enjoy potato farming too much.

What are all of your business ventures and how are they going?!
Eiki and I have Lobster snowboards and Switchback bindings with Low Pressure Studio, 7-9-13 with Beatnuts Distribution, and I started atrip apparel with Stigma Distribution. Its definitely a lot of work with all the brands, and if you want to get rich, it's not really the right market, haha, but that's not why we are doing it. We do it because we love snowboarding and want to do things we are stoked on. As long as we don't lose money, we are more then pumped. I really enjoy being able to do my own thing and it's cool to see all these rider driven brands come up now. The snowboarders are taking control over snowboarding again and that's the way it should be.

Halldor tackling tahoe sans shirt. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Why is it called the RV Tour of Death and what the hell was it?
We called it the RV Tour of Death because every RV trip we've done so far has always been so intense and loose that it feels like you are lucky to still be alive after, haha. We cruised all over Sweden for a month in an RV. The trip started in Stockholm where we rented the RV, then we drove up north to Riksgränsen and Kiruna to film pow and some street stuff, then we drove to …re for a four day snowboard festival where a lot of partying and forgotten memories went down. After that, we drove to one of my favourite parks called Kläppen, then we drove back to Stockholm and ended the trip of with a Kiss concert the day before our flights to Mammoth for Superpark 21, and straight after that I went to Iceland for the Lobster Cream Week, so it was intense but such a sick end to the season.

Part of the Cream Team and their trusty steed. PHOTO: Theo Muse

And RV Juice? When did you first make it?
The First RV Juice was invented in the RV I rented in the US in 2013. Ethan Morgan, me and my friends from Iceland, The Barfbags, were drinking Long Island Iced Teas because we thought we figured out a way to be drunk all the time but not get hungover, and then this kid came to our RV and gave us a whisky bottle so of course we added the whisky into the Long Island and that's how RV juice was invented. The ingredient for RV juice are: one shot each of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, cointreau and whisky, mix it all together, then add some Cola and a lot of lemon and lime for the vitamins. I don't recommend drinking it all the time though. The hangovers definitely started to kick in after a while and the blackouts started to get pretty intense, hehe.

Fridge and Halldor have probably “Iced” more people than the whole population of Iceland combined. PHOTO: Theo Muse

We have also heard naked wrestling helps your snowboarding?
Haha, of course it did! Captain Harold (Haldor) and Tornado (Tor Lundstrom) are a sketchy but awesome combo for partying…

Some describe him as a professional partier, others as a crazy man, but we prefer “The Most Interesting Man in Snowboarding.” PHOTO: Theo Muse

Finally, what’s up with the Cream Team?
We were saying Creamy a lot this season, for example, "This rail is looking pretty damn creamy." Or when we would fill in a backcountry jump we would call it cream pie-ing the jump and so on… When we got to Superpark we ended up calling ourselves the Cream Team and people seemed pretty hyped on the Super Cream Team at Superpark haha, it was a heavy crew we had going on and I was especially pumped to get Fritjof Tischendorf aka Fridge and Frank Bourgeois out there with me.

Halldor walking into the creamy light. PHOTO: Daniel Bernstal

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