10 Questions: Ricky Tucker

Ricky is f—king insane! He can do every rail trick ever, I’ll just suggest a random trick, and ask him to try it out with me on a handrail—he’ll get it within five tries, and it comes really easy to him. Same goes with jumps, the kid is naturally gifted. Once he puts 100% into filming a part, its lights out bitches!—Nima Jalali

Sup foo’, you ready to explain yourself?

I’ll try, lay it on me.

1. Just to let you know, this is going to be your first public appearance so you better sound cool. So Ricky Tucker, where you from?

The frozen state of Minnesota.

2. I never figured out how Minnesotans are so good at snowboarding, so can you explain that for us?

You know the Finnish kids? Same scenario 300-foot long run, plus 100 runs a day—it’ll whip any one into shape.

3. Who influenced you to “whip yourself into shape?

The usual suspects like Terje (Haakonsen) and (Jaime) Lynn. More recently (Chad) Otterstrom, (Kyle) Clancy, (Eero) Ettala, and John Jackson and all my homeys … they know who they are.

4. Nice, that’s good you still know who started this whole thing. Kids at this moment are going to be watching your Crewsaydurz video part, so tell them what’s up with it.

CZ is something hard to put your finger on, they’re a bunch of kids that are better then you are at snowboarding and know one knows it … luckily I past the initiation … and now no one knows who I am.

5. Well, they’re going to now. So lets clear some things up, on the record. So I heard you fought Dufficy at the Rails Gardens?

That rumor was courtesy of the Waminator, I’ve only been to the rail gardens once and I didn’t get to meet Dufficy, but I heard he’s not much of a fighter, and neither am I …

6. Have you got Silent Greg paid yet for your part in Burning Bridges?

Nah, still workin’ on that one, if any one gots the key help the brotha out! He needs that shit it I’m tellin’ ya. But hey Greg, thanks for hanging out with me all winter for free. I’ve tried I swear.

7. Now that you’re going to be famous, are you going to wait for photographers and filmers to be ready before you land tricks?

Nah. Well, maybe … I should shouldn’t I?

8. It’s your life. Who are you going to be filming with next year?

I couldn’t tell ya … hopefully with all my friends and someone that knows where all the good snow is.

9. I heard a rumor your on the list for Chad Otterstrom’s new video project, Keep Talkin’.

I heard that as well, I’d be obliged, but I’ve been kinda outta the loop going to school and all … I leave that shit for them to figure out, but more or less that’s snowboarding with my friends so I’m pumped

10. Finally, who’s got the back of, as Nima Jalali explains, the best upcoming snowboarder he’s ever seen?

Ah, Nitro, Holden, Grenade, Electric, Elm, Ambiguous, IAM, Archetype, and the motha funkin’ Crooosaiders … and of course Ma and Pa, and hopefully all my friends.