10 Questions: Jesse House

Jesse House is a dominant force on the slopes, he’ll toss his giant body off cliffs, and he’ll toss a dirty hippy into a parked car and knock him out. Jesse can skate, he sold his soul to the devil for switch 360 flips and the devil got ripped off. Don’t be fooled when you see him, he’ll throw more shit on the hill then a septic tank hose break, and he’ll work 147 hours a week packing boxes at Grenade to do it.

1. I know you can skate, what’s the connection between skating and snowboarding, or is it more like surfing and kite surfing, or baking and BBQ’ing?

I think it’s more of a pole squatting thing … I like skating to Ember’s and gettin’ my pole squat on, son! BBQ’ing is a whole different thing; the relationship is almost a salty one.

2. Give me a little rundown of your average day/night in the great city of Portland.

Goin’ to the Grenade warehouse is what starts my day. At night I’m usually hangin’ with Cole the Kid, Dark Forest, Demo Dev, Tom Cruise, Durty Curty, Schniff, Skeletor, Vert Reynolds, Larry Sepultura, and my little slut face drinkin’ beer and skatin’. Ssometimes we fire up the bikes and go to UJ’s around midnight to watch Paris tear up the pole’s, then go to my girl’s place or one of her friends and finish up. Who knows?

3. Mt. Hood Meadows is a super fun place to ride and you just happen to be on the team, describe to us what makes this place so good?

Storm riding meadows is the best, and bluebird days are a gift from Beelzebub.

4. A little troll told me that you are learning some black metal riffs on your guitar, how’s that going?

Your troll is correct. Black metal is now pumping through my fingertips. I can play some gonzo shit too.

5. Does snowboarding get in the way of booking studio time, recording with the Wizard, and writing lyrics?

Wizard is alive and well, nothing will get in the way of that. My lyrics come from being in the cold, white and black filled forests of the Northwest.

6. You’re about to hit a jump, you could land a trick you’ve never landed before and ride away clean, or you could land on a pack of low-life, dirty scumbag hippies playing bongo drums and waste all of ’em. Which do you choose?

That’s a good one, I’d rather stomp a trick onto some dirty hippies playing hacky sac and use their dreadlocks as tie downs for my sled.

7. You got sponsors, you want sponsors, you got game, he got game, what’s it like trying to get a sponsor these days and getting paid to cover bills?

I got sponsors, I need sponsors, I can snowboard, and getting paid is a dream.

7.5 You think these days sponsors are looking for the more “urban male” look or are you giving it your all to stay metal?

Less fashion, more thrashin’!

8. Have you ever dressed up in a clown suit and walked around drunk at 4:00 am with a baseball bat?

You haven’t?

9. You and Pat Bridges have a love/hate relationship, what’s it gonna take for you two to get on each other’s Christmas lists?

He’s on my list … and I’m on his list, but it’s not Christmas … (laughter).

10. Summer is well on its way, what are some of the pluses of living up in Portland during the summer time?

Cheap beer, cheap motorcycles, great strippers, and good skating. Oh, and tons upon tons of sweaty f—king black, thrash, grind, melodic, synth metal.

The commencement please …

Thanks to grenade, fatigue project, jacks garage, Mt. hood meadows, Air Blaster, 93-94, poop-e-finger, ass wax, I will be able to snowboard this winter.