May 22, 2007

Danny was in town at the popular CORE Orthopedics to deal with his bum ankle. We coaxed some answers out of him while he was in an early morning daze after he had dropped Jack Mitrani off at the airport at 6:00 am. Who books a 6:00 am flight, Jack? The donuts helped things along.

1. How would you describe your current state?

Bored and on Vicodin a lot, just hurt and taking a break for a while.

2. What happened?

I broke my ankle in three places at Superpark. Two healed on their own, but one didn’t, so they had to screw it back last Monday. I was bummed ’cause I thought it was all good, and I went in for a check-up and ended up getting surgery.

3. Are you going to be good in time for your High Cascade signature session with Jeremy Jones.

I’m not sure how hard I’ll be riding by then. I’ll definitely be able to skate again, but I need to talk to Jer’ about what we’re planning for that week.

4. Did you get to hit any of those Burton super kickers this winter, like Hemsedal or Whistler?

Last winter we did Hemsedal, this year I was hurt though. I missed Winterpark, which is the 22-foot pipe. Mason and Jack and Luke Mitrani all killed it. Nah, I missed out on it this year.

5. How do those compare to the kickers at Alpine Valley back home in Michigan?

They’re a lot smoother and softer, and when you fall it’s not all ice. Alpine was sick back in the day. I still ride there at Christmas with my old friends.

6. Where did you live at this winter?

I live in Michigan still. My truck was at the Reno airport all year though. I had a 450-dollar parking bill there. You just go somewhere, then you go here, and there-then two and a half months later, your truck’s got a couple inches of dust on it. I took it through the carwash with all my and Luke’s bags in the bed accidentally. I looked back there and all our shit’s got suds on it.

7. Did you ride the new UnInc EST binding/board setup this winter?
JG and those dudes at Burton killed it with EST. There’s only a pad of foam between you and the board. I feel it alot more and it’s easier on your feet when you land flat-which is good for me.

8. What’s up with the baby animal graphics?

This guy Lance at Burton designed them on the UnInc line—they’re super rad. He’s always coming up with creative, funny stuff.

9. What exotic locales did you travel to this winter?

I went heliing in Alaska with Absinthe. It was so cool riding with those guys like Romaine, Gigi, MFM, Wastell, JP Solberg, and Justin Hostynek—they know so much about the terrain up there.

I also went to Norway for the Arctic Challenge, Switzerland too, and Japan for three weeks—that was a good trip, but I was over Japan by the end of it.

10. We heard that all you guys were going to live at Shaun’s house and cruise around in his Lamborghini by the beach this summer, what happened to that plan?

That’s like a whole ‘nother 10 Questions. He’s pretty busy, let’s just say that. I was looking into buying a house in Truckee, but I’m probably not going through with it. Kevin’s looking at a place to buy, too.

10.5. What are your plans now?

“I’m going to meet up with all my friends: Lago, Mason, Luke, Kevin, Jack and head to Kevin’s place in the Bahamas-sunbathe and heal up my foot. Take a break from snowboarding and all the stresses that go with it sometimes. Then come back to Encinitas and heal up and hopefully be able to walk again soon—I’m so sick of having a cast!

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