1. Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia

The monolith that is Whistler/Blackcomb Resort should just change its name to Magnet because everything is drawn to it: snow, pros, tourists, photographers. Frankly, we would’ve been surprised if our readers hadn’t voted Whistler/Blackcomb the number-one place to ride.

Whether you live in Whistler Village year-round or you’ve traveled to the resort only once, you’ll know why terrain and challenge were Whistler/Blackcomb’s highest-scoring categories. Trees, steeps, chutes, pillow lines, face shots–it’s no wonder so many incredible riders come from this place.

“I’ve traveled all over the world, and I truly believe that Whistler is the best place on Earth for me,” says local pro Kevin Sansalone. “Besides the beauty, Whistler can satisfy my taste for anything I want to do–biking, hiking, motocross, snowmobiling, skateboarding, and of course, snowboarding. I couldn’t ask for a better place to live.”

One resort made up of two very different mountains, the variety of ridable terrain is almost silly. “Whistler has always and will always be a mountain to explore and find hidden powder stashes, while Blackcomb provides a quick up-and-down feel so riders can see and get to the terrain they desire,” says Terrain Park Supervisor Stuart Osborne.

Snowboarding has a long history at Whistler/Blackcomb and the vibe proves it. Our readers also voted it a good value, thanks to the favorable U.S. to Canadian exchange rate. And although it’s an excellent place to take the family, nightlife in the Village is always wicked.

“At Whistler/Blackcomb we work hard to ensure that our guests and staff have the best mountain-vacation experience when with us,” says Public Relations Manager Susan Darch.

–Robyn Hakes