Best Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Boots of 2018 Reviews

Arguably the most important part of your kit, proper-fitting, comfy boots are a game-changer. From the multitude of features at Carinthia at Mount Snow to Park Lane jumps at Breck, and Mammoth’s Unbound terrain, we rallied through a truckload of boots and rated each on their park performance. Tweakable, well-fitting models with a range of lacing systems topped our list this season.

On the other hand, it’s a fine line to ride when finding the ideal freestyle boot. It needs to be flexible enough to tweak yet supportive enough to stomp. After running through a spectrum of options, while lapping rails at Carinthia, sending tables at Mammoth, and digging parks on Mount Hood, the following five impressed testers with balanced flex and durability that will hold up to the thrashing a freestyle boot takes.