Eero Ettala, Stale Sandbech, Eiki Helgason, Erik Botner, Marie-France Roy
Andy Wright
Joonas Kenttämies, Johannes Brenning, Sean Aaron
Squaw Valley, California




Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a strange journey. Oakley's riders all hail from outside the US, but they could have just as easily traveled from some tweaked future. It's tough to say for sure. Are we talking about skills plucked from another dimension? Well, top-ranked TTR rider Stale Sandbech is on his way to another plane of riding, while Eero Ettala and Marie-France Roy have been at the forefront of progression for years. Then there's the techery of Eiki Helgason and the smooth stylings of Erik Botner, all of which are ahead of their time. But no, it's their warped creative vision that really makes you wonder. Peep the video set to Zlad!'s Elektronic Supersonik and you'll get it.
To stack the footy and photos though, it meant staying totally focused on the present. The team posted up at Squaw Valley, where some of Snow Park Technologies' finest had joined forces with the local park crew to sculpt a set of tables and a wallride / jib / quaterpipe / step-up / step-down thingamajig.
After a day of filming in slushy, spring conditions a storm rolled in, covering Squaw village with two-feet of fresh in 24 hours. The snow continued to fall, shutting down a follow-up booter session in the alpine, but suddenly it was game on in the streets.
Normally there wouldn't be a lot to work with, but after a few phone calls the team was handed the keys to the village—literally. Two security guards—yeah the guys usually hired to bust your ass—were told to take the chains off the rail, unlock gates, even block cars from driving over the run-outs. On top of that, the team was given a snowmobile for village tow-ins, a few of the park crew to help with builds, and a snowcat to push up the bigger features. Alternate universe? Maybe so…