Yuki Kadono Wins 2015 Burton US Open Slopestyle With First Back-To-Back Triple Cork 1620s

The crowd at the 2015 Burton US Open erupted as Yuki Kadono rode away from the first backside triple cork 1620 to switch backside triple cork 1620 ever landed today. Kadono raised his hands in the air and pointed it to the bottom of the course. As he slowed, the dozen or so finalists watching from the sidelines rushed him and hoisted him onto their shoulders, cheering and shouting. He had never tried those tricks back-to-back before.

On this third and final run, Kadono had bested the highest score of the day, an 87.80 set by Mark McMorris one run earlier who threw down a never-been-done frontside triple cork 1440 to backside triple cork 1440. Kadono's full run started on the rails with a switch backside 270, 270 out, frontside lipslide to fakie, and half-Cab 50-50 to backside 360 out. On the first jump he unwound with a frontside double cork 1080 mute, to…well, you know the rest.

A new level had just been set and with one run left, McMorris was the last to drop. Having just put down a new series of tricks himself, McMorris's best chance was to try to clean up his last run, where he dragged a hand on his frontside triple. His first four tricks, including a Cab hardway 270 to 270 out, frontside 270, frontside boardslide to 450, and Cab 900 double cork mute off the transition of the first jump, were nearly flawless. But as he came around on his frontside triple on the second jump, he wasn't fully prepared for the landing and fell to his heels. It was a huge upset for McMorris, who was poised to take his third-straight US Open slopestyle title. Still, even if he landed his run perfectly, it was no guarantee he would have reclaimed the podium from Kadono.

Yuki Kadono’s 2015 Burton US Open slopestyle winning run

Kadono’s interview on winning the 2015 Burton US Open slopestyle with the first ever back-to-back 1620 triple corks

Kadono has been on fire this season, and is hot off a win at the Air + Style LA, where he did the first switch backside triple cork 1620. Today, he continued to burn bright. Kadono went so big on a backside triple cork 1440 mute on his first run that he chipped his tooth as he stomped the landing. On his second run, he went for Cab 270 on the third rail and almost slipped out, but managed to roll into a misty flip at the end of the rail and ride away. And on his third run, he set down that impossibly huge switch backside 1620 triple cork, bouncing his shoulders off his knees as he landed.

Mark McMorris’s second place run

McMorris’s interview on taking second

Picking up third place, and continuing the tradition of Canadian slopestyle domination, was Ontario's Tyler Nicholson. On his first run Nicholson dropped into the rails with a boardslide to frontside boardslide, half-Cab 50-50 backside 360 out, and 50-50 backside rodeo out. On the jumps he chose to skip the transition option on the MINI Creative Use Of Space feature and throw a Cab 1080 tail grab, switch backside 1260 indy, and frontside 1440 mute, the first he ever landed.

Tyler Nicholson’s interview on putting down the best run he’s ever done

The separation between third and forth, where Sven Thorgren ended up, was less than a point, and seemed that if riders didn't have at least a 1440 in their run coupled with a solid rail game, they weren't in the running for a podium. In the end it all cames down to linking tricks together, but there were more than few standout moments. Thorgren had a frontside 1260 nose / roastbeef double grab. Torstein Horgmo had a switch backside hardway 270 to regular. Niklas Mattsson got several Cab 360s to switch 50-50s. And in classic US Open style, pulling from a tradition in the pipe, there were even a poacher trains rolling through.

Almost as big an upset as McMorris getting bumped to second place was Stale Sandbech ending up in ninth. Sandbech's final two runs had the crowd holding its breath as he delivered a series of stylish and technical tricks including a switch boardslide to rodeo out to double crippler frontside grab off the transition on the MINI Creative Use Of Space feature to backside triple cork 1440 indy. Unfortunately, as smooth as his whole run was, he couldn't find the landing on his frontside 1440 frontside grab at the end.

More winning run videos coming soon.

2015 Burton US Open Men's Slopestyle Finals Results

1. Yuki Kadono, 90.05
2. Mark McMorris, 87.80
3. Tyler Nicholson, 77.20
4. Sven Thorgren, 76.80
5. Niklas Mattsson, 75.30
6. Eric Beauchemin, 71.70
7. Torstein Horgmo, 68.10
8. Mons Roisland, 63.60
9. Stale Sandbech, 59.20
10. Seppe Smits, 36.75