Winter is right around the corner and adults aren't the only ones who will be hitting the slopes this season! Riglet Parkat Bear Mountain offers something for the little ones, too. With lessons for children 3 to 6 years of age, youngsters can learn the basics snowboarding in a fun and safe environment.

At Riglet Park, young jibbers-in-training learn to ride miniature terrain parkfeatures by using Burton's innovative Learn-to-Ride Technology. Riglet Park emphasizes learning in a playground-like setting, while introducing new possibilities for younger riders.

Children learn balance while riding a custom made snowboard with soft flex boots and bindings over mellow rollers, small berms and ground level features. With the Riglet Reel tow, a certified instructor will pull the child over the variety of mini-features, allowing young riders to experience the excitement of learning to ride on their own. Full-day lesson packages include equipment, shelter and lunch.

Bear Mountain will be promoting Riglet Park at a number of upcoming events and trade shows, including:

  • Surfside Snow Carnival in Orange County on November 2
  • Burton Riglet Tour at Active Temecula on November 16
  • Ski Dazzle Ski Show & Snowboard Expo in Los Angeles on December 5-8

Bear Mountain will re-create miniature versions of Riglet Park at various eventsthroughout the season. Once children try it out at Ski Dazzle and other events, they will receive $25 off full-day and $20 off half-day lessons when they visit the official Riglet Park at Bear Mountain this season.

"We're proud to feature Riglet Park at Bear Mountain and look forward to showcasing it at upcoming events," said Rio Tanbara, Director of Marketing for Bear Mountain. "We're excited for the opportunity we have to introduce these young riders to snowboarding, and instill a passion for it at such a young age. And all in a safe, fun environment with unique Burton Learn-to-Ride technology. Riglet Park really is one-of-a-kind."

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