You Wanna Piece Of That? Contest

Irvine, California--By now you’ve likely heard the buzz aboutthe most progressive snowboarding movie to be released for the2006/2007 season. THAT new movie will feature riding from all yourfavorites on the Forum squad including new recruits Eddie Wall, IikkaBackstrom, Stevie Bell and Jake Welch. THAT is set to release this fall,but we still haven’t figured out where we’re gonna hold our all-importantfirst public screening. So here’s where YOU can help us out.

Got a gargantuan house in the ‘burbs with a monster back yard? How’bout a school with a vacant auditorium? Or even a boxy studioapartment? Wherever you hang your hat is fine by us, as long as it’s inNorth America and there’s enough room to get the party started with thepremier of our new flick, THAT.

Through our You Wanna Piece of THAT? contest we want you to tellus why we should hold the premiere in your hood. If we feel yourreason is the best (throw in pics of your hot sister for bonus points), thisAugust we’ll gather up the entire Forum crew and roll to your crib for abangin’ movie premier.So do yourself a favor and take a minute to tell us why you deserve to hostthe premier of THAT. Send all entries to the following address no laterthan June 1, 2006, and make sure you include your name, age, address,phone number and email address.You Wanna Piece of THAT?Forum Snowboards8750 Research DriveIrvine, CA 92618

Find out more at all media inquiries, please contact:

Nikki Scoggins / (949) 790-2314 /

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