You And Forum, The Best Summer Ever Contest

Got summer plans yet?  Want to keep the shred alive?  Well, the people at Forum want to let you in on their secret plans for the Best Summer Ever and have you join them. It's all about the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When and Why, and what they mean. If you can guess each of them as they release clues on Facebook, you could be joining them on a free, week long vacation to the best place on earth – and they'll kick in $300 for airfare to get you on your way.


Starting today, May 21st, go to the Forum Facebook page at and you will find the first of the 5 W's. Everyday until May 25th the next W will drop along with a clue to help you get closer to that Best Summer Ever.  Winner will be chosen at random and announced on May 28th. In order to be eligible for the best prize ever, you must submit an answer everyday there is a new W.


What are you waiting for? The Best Summer Ever awaits.


1st W: WHO you'll be kicking it with during the Best Summer Ever?

Clue: Live Free or Die


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