YES is proud to officially kick off their webisodes; or as they call them, ‘YES-isodes’. This will be an ongoing weekly to bi-weekly series through out the summer and the season that captures all the behind the scenes and on the scene coverage from the YES crew.

What to expect – well a hell of a lot of laughing, antics, shredding, surfing, music, partying, traveling, talking, walking, hiking, paddling, skating, celebrity cameos, debauchery, and so much more.

Here is YES-isode 1, El Salvador part uno – this highlights our recent trip to the El Dorado Surf Resort at the famouns El Zonte Point Break in La Libertad, where the YES crew gather for a brand meeting, which turns out was about 40% surfing, 30% party, 20% meeting, leaving no time for sleep. YES we had a great meeting and go our 2011-12 product and marketing dialed, and man do we have some big news……stay tuned!