Xodus Premiere’s Hi-Fi

Xodus Production premiered their first offering Hi-Fi shot in 16mm film at La Paloma in Encinitas, California last night. It kicked off the Action Sports Retailer trade-show weekend and the annual barrage of snowboard film premieres that coincide with the show.

Thirty-two’s team manager Eddie Lee spun records from the stage as a capacity crowd of industry friends, pro riders, and family members caught up with each other and looked for an open seat.

Torey Piro, Mike Bagnuolo, and Stephan Jeremias of Xodus took the stage about 8:00 p.m., thanked their families, friends, sponsors (Joyride, Nidecker, GMC Snow, Etnies, Thirty-two, Mission Six, Arnette) and riders then tossed out about ten huge boxes of product from the sponsoring companies.

Besides solid riding from Torey’s backyard of Mammoth, California and the locs that ride there¿Gabe Taylor, Tommy Czeschin, Aaron Bishop, and Matt Kass¿footage from Ami Voutilainen, Alexsi Vaninnen, Mike Page, and Romain De Marchi shot in a variety of locations including Mt. Hood, Oregon, the SPC camp in Austria, the TransWorld Team Challenge at Snow Summit in Big Bear, California, and contest footage from the U.S. Open and Gravity Games filled the 30-minute video.

The best aspect of the film was substantial parts by Kendall Whelpton, Louie Fountain, Matt Hammer, Bobi Rey, and Shandy Campos, riders that we should all be seeing a heck of a lot more of in the near future.

Go to Piro-Xodus.com for more information and ordering info.