Snow Sport Innovator, XBoards, Inc., Introduces High Performance Snowboard

Made from All-Natural Flax Fiber

Eco-Friendly BioBoard Features Powerful Vibration-Dampening Properties for Enhanced Performance and a Smoother Ride

Lake Tahoe, CA – January 17, 2012 – XBoards Inc., a snow sport technology company focused on innovative engineering, sustainability and enhanced rider performance, today announced the availability of the limited edition BioBoard™, the first snowboard made from all-natural flax fiber composites. The BioBoard combines powerful shock-absorbing properties with improved resiliency and strength for superior performance and rider comfort.

The BioBoard features proprietary FlaxFlex™ technology, which helps reduce leg fatigue by ensuring consistent flex across the entire length of the board. Flax fiber is lower in density and provides superior vibration dampening properties compared to fiberglass and carbon, the most common snowboard reinforcements. By taking advantage of this renewable, pop-enhancing flax composite, the BioBoard allows riders to navigate uneven terrain more fluidly and with greater speed.

The BioBoard is the only commercially-available snowboard made from Lineo's 100% renewable and biodegradable flax fabric. Lineo's flax materials have been honored as the JEC Composites Winner of 2010 Innovation Award and have been successfully applied as vibration dampeners in a number of other sports products, including surfboards, tennis rackets and racing boats. The strength, resiliency and endurance of the BioBoard have been validated throughout the engineering process to ensure the boards' performance under the most adverse conditions.

"We began with a simple question – if you were starting from scratch, how would you build a board that maximized performance while minimizing environmental impact?" said Isaac Gradman, CEO and co-founder of XBoards, Inc. "We realized we could harness the power of this all-natural material to create a superior riding experience without sacrificing strength or sustainability."

But Gradman hints that this is only the beginning, and promises that XBoards will transform the snow sport industry in progressively radical ways in the coming seasons. "There is tremendous room for growth and innovation in snow sports," he says. "We are challenging every notion about what's possible, from materials, to design to the very way people get around the mountain. In the coming seasons, XBoards will be rolling out innovative products that push the boundaries of snow sports in ways we haven't seen in decades. It's going to be an awesome ride."

About XBoards, Inc.

Northern California-based XBoards, Inc., founded in 2010, is a snow sport technology company focused on innovative engineering, sustainability and enhanced rider performance. XBoards' products have been ride-tested at the Squaw Valley resort in Lake Tahoe, California. XBoards' products harness the power of award-winning, ultra-resilient and entirely renewable and recyclable flax materials to enhance overall performance while creating a smoother, more comfortable ride. XBoards is dedicated to revolutionizing snow sports and creating new, original products with its riders in mind. For more information on XBoards and its products, visit