X Games Day 1: Jones and Dakides Score Slope Style Gold

The premiere day of this year’s X Games took place in true East Coast style. The weather couldn’t make up it’s mind; going from cloudy, to sunny, to freezing cold, to snow throughout the slopestyle course. The judges, on the other hand, had their minds made up the whole time, and so you can imagine their relief when Peter Line, who was in 19th after two runs, threw down a solid final run, and they could justifiably give him a place on the podium.

I don’t actually know if Peter Line was a shoo-in for the podium or not, but from my past experience of watching X Games coverage, it does seem like there are only ten snowboarders who have and ever will stand on the podium.

Other than Peter Line’s amazing recovery, the day was pretty slow. The women’s competition was good, but fairly standard. Tara Dakides took first by almost seven points over Jaime Macleod. Throwing her backflip, as well as plenty of stylish jibs off the multitude of rails. Jaime’s smooth stylish airs, and perfect landings were enough for her to squeak past Barrett Christy. Although Barrett’s tricks were more technical, she had some trouble putting her feet down and keeping her hands off the snow.

The course was certainly a jibber’s paradise, and if you didn’t like to slide rails, it was directly reflected in your score. Gian Simmen, who’s huge spins were impressing everyone, didn’t even crack the top five because he chose to ride around the rails. He didn’t seem too upset by this, saying something about powder turns (I don’t know either).

Kevin Jones took the lead with his first run, and remained there for the rest of the day. Perhaps it was the fact that he landed pretty much every trick he did that secured his win, or it was the pure technical merit of his 900’s. Either way, he definitely deserved his medal.

In second place for the men was Todd Richards. I don’t know why I’m still surprised that he does so well in non-pipe events, especially after he threw down three solid runs.

Other events that took place during the day were Sno-cross and Skier X. Mt. Snow is certainly in the middle of the woods, and many of the locals will not deny their redneck roots. This reason, among others, made the sno-cross a far more popular spectator event than the Slopestyle, and for most of the day the crowd at the bottom of the course remained small and unenthusied.

Far more exciting was that on the other side of the mountain, Shawn Palmer had won yet another X Games Gold medal, this time in Skier X.

1. Kevin Jones
2. Todd Richards
3. Peter Line
4. Bjorn Leines
5. Jeff Anderson
6. Kurt Wastell
7. Chad Otterstrom
8. Joni Malmi
9. Andrew Crawford
10. Aaron Bishop
11. Blaise Rosenthal
12. Jason Borgstede
13. Jimmy Halapof
14. Gian Simmen
15. J.P. Walker
16. Chris Englesman
17. Joni Makinen
18. Ross Powers
19. Jason Brown
20. Jussi Oksanen
21.Travis Parker
22. Kevin Sansalone

1. Tara Dakides
2. Jaime Macleod
3. Barrett Christy
4. Kelly Clarke
5. Natasza Zurek
6. Janna Meyen
7. Krista Bradford
8. Leslee Olson
9. Jessica Dalpiaz
10. Meghan Pischke
11.Minna Hesso
12. Kim Bohnsack
13. Marni Yamada
14. Sara Osterberg
15.Mica Fish