WSF South America Snowboard Tour


The WSF South America Commitee announced today the competition calendar for the 2012 WSF South America Snowboard Tour.

Riders from South America are excited to kick off the 2012 snowboard season with the recent announcement of the 2012 competition calendar.  The 2012 southern hemisphere season will be packed with  1 and 2star level events for riders of  all levels.


“The WSF South America Snowboard Tour is a ground breaking concept, and one in which we will put a lot of effort into by providing its own unique ranking and communication services. Everyone at the WSF are all very excited for all of the recent developments and growth in the South America snowboard community” stated Marco Sampaoli, President of the WSF.


WSF South America Calendar

Urban Big Air – Buenos Aires, Argentina – May 18th, 2Star

Festival del Andinismo, Inka Challenge – Huaraz, Perù – June 30th, 1Star

Urban Rail –  Santiago, Chile – June 30th, 2Star

Grom Rip Curl – Cerro Catedral, Argentina – July 20th- 22nd, 2Star

Roxy Snow Jam – Valle Nevado, Chile – August 8th, 2Star

Columbia Snow Challenge – Valle Nevado, Chile  – August 11th- 12th, 2Star

Reef Boardcross- Cerro Catedral, Argentina – August 11th- 12th, 2Star

South America Rookie Fest – Valle Nevado, Chile –August 15th, 2Star

Rip Curl Pro – Cerro Catedral, Argentina  – August 25th -26th, 2Star

King of the Park – Cerro Bayo, Argentina – August 30th- 31st, 2Star

Rey del Park – El Colorado, Chile- September 1st – 2nd, 2Star

Rip Curl Slopestyle – Ushuaia, Argentina – September 8th, 2Star

Brazil Slope Style – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – October 24th – 26th, 2star

The South America Snowboard Committee

Established a few weeks prior to the 2012 WSF General Assembly, the South America SnowboardCommittee brings together the South America Snowboard community by working together to establish one common  goal of growing the sport of snowboarding in South America with the riders at the centre of their planning.

A new South America Snowboard Ranking will be created based on the average of the top 3 results from the 2012 South America Snowboard Tour. The new ranking will be a tested during the 2012 season with a goal of it being implemented as a full ranking system for the 2013 season with opportunities for riders to qualify for international events..

The WSF South America Committee also launched their brand new website, which includes information on the latest news, competition calendar, and rider ranking.


"The official website of the South America Snowboard Community will keep you up to date with all the latest information about snowboarding in South America. Come check us out at" stated Sandro Garcia, of the Peruvian Association of Snowboarding & Sandboarding (WSF Peru).

The website will soon  also be available in three different languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and English.



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