World’s First Switch Backside Triple Cork 1440 By Pat Burgener

Originally posted on April 10th 2011.

“World’s First Switch Backside Triple Cork 1440 By Pat Burgener”

Video by Florent Beauverd

Caught Up by Ivan Zwahlen

Pat Burgener has incredible natural talent. At only 16, he progresses with such natural ease, that it’s almost impossible to put him in a box. Is he a grom? Is he a comp kid? Is he a pipe jock?  To get a better idea of who this kid is, just take a look at his past week. Frustrated about the crappy season in Europe, Pat decided to organize a photo shoot at his home resort before heading to the US. He called up his local shapers, and had an existing set up rebuilt into a poppy “perfect” jump. He invited a couple of filmers and a photographer and promised to try a couple new tricks. But in the end, in spite of slush, wind and a rapidly melting kicker, Pat ended up stomping an unexpected switch backside triple cork. In just 5 hours, he learned 3 new tricks and did it all by himself. Pat is still quite young and lives in Switzerland, so we can’t blame you if you’ve never heard of him before this. Hey Pat — Say hello to the world.

Name: Pat Burgener
Age: 16
Sponsors: Nitro Snowboards, Volcom, Anon
Stance: Regular, 15°, -12°

Where are you from and where do you ride mostly?

I am from Crans-Montana, Switzerland. I don’t really have a specific spot where I ride, but I have the chance to travel a lot. I try to be on my board 8 months a year. I rode a lot of pipe the last couple years and it was really important for me this year to mix it up by riding lots of different stuff.

How did doing this trick come about for you?

Kinda stoked I have to say… No seriously I couldn't believe it !

Was it planned out ?

Not really. About a month ago I made a bet with one of my friends but I wasn’t very serious about doing it. The last couple weeks I felt like I needed to ride a bit for myself, no comps, no training sessions, no obligations, just me and a good set up with enough air time to try some new tricks.

When did you know its possible to do ?

I first landed the switch backside double 12 and then some cab 12s. After that I thought the triple wouldn’t be impossible if I could just get enough speed in the slushy conditions. On my two first tries I felt like I was almost there and on my last attempt I felt I had enough speed for it to work and it did. The snow was melting so fast so I didn’t think I’d get another chance.

Did seeing Mark McMorris’s triple cork help you with this ?

When I saw Mark’s Triple I was impressed about how gnarly it looked. It definitively confirmed that the Switch versions could be done someday. You know, I am not really the kinda rider that analyzes how other people ride. I try to do it my way and so far it’s been working out.

What is next ? where is the progression going ?

Who knows… As far as I am concerned I’ll go with the flow. In terms of progression, its always the same question, where is it gonna stop, if ever it does. Look at the progression we had last year in the pipe. And this year it’s in slopestyle and big air. I don’t think there’s really a limit. You just need to really believe in what you are doing. I mean this is how I see it.

Anything else you want to add ?

I am so thankful to all the people that support and believe in me like my family, friends and sponsors. A special thanks to Florent Beauverd who did the edit and thanks to Transworld and for giving me this unique opportunity.

Pat Burgener Switch Triple Cork 14

Pat Burgener Switch Triple Cork 14

Congratulations Pat

(Watch Mark McMorris Backside Triple Cork Video HERE)