There we go! The official date of the World Snowboard Day has been set up: book it now, the event will be on Sunday, December 23!

European last year, this unique day becomesinternational in 2007! Yes guys! Surprisinglysuccessful, for its first European edition in 2006,the World Snowboard Day is the occasion tospread the snowboard culture all over the world.It’s going to be huge and crazy: from China toFrance, Austria to the US, and wherever snowfalls, snowboard will be celebrated!

With a concept based on free discovery, the eventwill gather any snowboard lovers, from pro ridersto beginners. Partner resorts will offer a freesnowboard access, adapted to anybody’s needswith one objective: easy and fun riding. So don’tpanic if the snowboard vocabulary is not yourstrengh: you will learn!

Organized by EuroSIMA (European BoardsportsIndustry Manufacturers Association), thisinternational edition is supported by the WorldSnowboard Federation, clubs, riders and manyresorts willing to share their passion.

Opening the winter season, the World SnowboardDay will propose various free activities inmany snow spots: snowboard lessons, product testing, contests, concerts, environmentalinformation…

So book your day right now: just before Xmas, on Sunday, December 23, the WorldSnowboard Day is your day to celebrate the snowboard culture! And remember the best of it:it’s free and all over the world!