World Championship of Snowboarding Big Air Finals Live Stream : Watch Now

World Championship of Snowboarding Big Air Finals Live Stream : Watch Now

It's going off in Yabuli, China right now with the world's best riders battling it out in Big Air Finals at the World Championships of Snowboarding. Check out the livestream above and stay tuned for a full recap and results dropping soon.

The Big Air event has been able to go off without a hitch, however Pipe Finals had to be canceled due to conditions and numerous factors with the pipe's construction. A pipe 'expression session' will be hosted instead of the finals and for Chinese TV and for filming opportunities.

Here's the official message from TTR President, Reto Lamm, on why pipe was cancelled.
Halfpipe competition is off, halfpipe exhibition is on.

Dear Riders,

During today´s riders meeting a common understanding was reached, that the halfpipe competitions at the Corona World Championships of Snowboarding 2016 cannot be executed due to safety concerns. This decision was taken after a long meeting with riders, coaches and team managers. Despite the enormous and passionate efforts of the whole venue crew and the local organizing committee the conditions just don´t allow a safe world-class contest.

TTR and WSF have decided to equally share the total allocated halfpipe prize money among all riders who had registered in Yabuli for the halfpipe contests.

Also we would like to invite you to a halfpipe exhibition session on March 16, which will be televised. The venue crew is continuing to work on the pipe. By Wednesday the pipe will be in a condition to allow a great exhibition session showcasing our sport for the Chinese audience.

Please get in touch with our riders management team for coordinating your banking details, travel plans and your participation in the exhibition session.
We thank you for your understanding and your constructive cooperation.

Reto Lamm on behalf of the Boards of TTR Pro Snowboarding and World Snowboarding Federation

World Snowboarding Championship Live Stream Schedule 

13 March GMT 5:30am
13 March CST 1:30pm
12 March PT 9:30pm
13 March ET 12:30am


15 March GMT 2:00am
15 March CST 10:00am
14 March PT 7:00pm
14 March ET 10:00pm


15 March GMT 5:00am
15 March CST 1:00am
14 March PT 10:00pm
15 March ET 1:00am


16 March – Times still to be confirmed.

Stay tuned for more dropping from the World Championships of Snowboarding.