Winterstick Snowboards Opens West Mountain R&D Lab at Sugarloaf

Winterstick Snowboards Opens Custom R&D Lab,
Launches Mountain Embassy Program

Carrabassett Valley, ME (March 8, 2017) – Winterstick Snowboards, the first modern snowboarding company in the world, today announced the official opening of their custom West Mountain R&D Lab at Sugarloaf Mountain Resort in Maine. Led by legendary riders Tom Burt and Seth Wescott, and Chief Engineer Daniel LeRoy, the "First Name in Backcountry" is researching, designing, and producing hand-crafted retail and custom boards tailored to meet respective mountain conditions and styles of today's riders.

Winterstick has also launched an official Mountain Embassy program beginning with two of North America's top resorts – Powder Mountain (UT) and Sugarloaf Mountain (ME) – that have been at the forefront of snowboarding's history and now serves as Winterstick Authorized Dealers. Winterstick founder and snowboard manufacturing pioneer Dimitrije Milovich tested many of his original boards at Powder Mountain, which was also the first resort in Utah to open its lifts to snowboarding. Sugarloaf is the epicenter for design and development at Winterstick and is the only snowboard or ski manufacturer to have direct, mountain lift access.

Daniel LeRoy, Chief Engineer & Lab Manager of Winterstick, working in the new lab at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain. Photo by Kingspoke

"The opening of the West Mountain R&D Lab returns Winterstick to its roots when Dimitrije Milovich first started designing and building his own boards in-house and established the original snowboarding company in 1972," said Tom Fremont-Smith, President of Winterstick. "We have a tremendous worldwide and loyal following and the R&D Lab provides us with the unique capabilities to turn our riders' dream boards into a reality."

The West Mountain R&D Lab opened to start the 2016-17 season and has already produced hundreds of retail and custom boards that are "Maine Made" – including locally sourced lumber for the wood cores and sidewalls – that balances the need for 21
st century innovation while staying true to snowboarding's original heritage.

"We are excited to offer riders the opportunity to design their own boards that is reflective of their own style and unique mountain conditions," said Daniel LeRoy, Chief Engineer & Lab Manager of Winterstick. "We have a state-of-the-art shop and complete building process that allows us to customize everything. You dream it, we can build it."

Earlier this year, Wescott hosted the US snowboard cross team at Powder Mountain for an action-filled day of riding powder with Winterstick's full quiver of models, including the legendary SWALLOWTAIL
TM and Wescott's latest design dubbed the "Daily Driver."

"I am proud to be a part of the team at Winterstick and help carry on Dimitrije's vision of designing and building specialized boards for freeriders," said Wescott. "The opening of the West Mountain R&D Lab allows us to bring our innovative design and production technologies to Sugarloaf Mountain and the state of Maine, and further advances the brand's heritage carving its own path one board at a time."

Two-time Olympic champ Seth Wescott does beautiful work both on and off the slopes. Photo by Kingspoke

Winterstick's product line features the godfather of snowboards, the SWALLOWTAILTM, the quiver of one ST (Severe Terrain) Series, and signature pro models from legends Tom Burt and Seth Wescott. The 2016-17 product line includes the newest custom shapes, the Daily Diver and AT (All Terrain) Series designed by Wescott. Boards are available at the Official Mountain Embassies of Powder and Sugarloaf Mountains, at select retail shops, and online at

Winterstick is recognized as the "First Name in Backcountry" thanks in large part to its founder, Dimitrije Milovich, whose background in engineering and passion for riding fueled the development of the Swallowtail, the first patented modern snowboard in 1972. Today, Milovich is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in snowboarding history, and his vision of Winterstick remains in-tact under the stewardship of Tom Fremont-Smith, Chris Lorenz, Tom Burt, and Seth Wescott as custodians of the oldest and only freeriding-based, custom snowboard company in the world.


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