Brandon Reis waiting on the bubble for the finals.

Dew Tour Slopestyle Prelim Results

The Dew Tour is on and the slopestyle prelims heated up a bit with Jamie Anderson pulling out a switch back five to jump into first, while Janna Meyen held down second with Chanelle Sladics in third.  Last stop's winner Spencer O’Brien got to relax and enjoy her pre-qualified position while Christina Curry squeaked into the last spot behind Torah Bright, bumping out Kjersti Buaas.

Young bucks Daniel Ek and Tyler Flanagan came out absolutely crushing the jumps in the wake of first place Norwegian destroyer Andreas Wiig to rack up the first three spots. The New Hampshire pack of Scotty Lago, Chas Guldemond an Brandon Reis chipped into the upper spots leaving little room for others. Just a little scuff and you're out since every rider was bringing the A game. Stay tuned for the finals tomorrow at Northstar-at-Tahoe.

Women (Pre-qualified rider: Spencer O’Brien)

1. Jamie Anderson
2. Janna Meyen
3. Chanelle Sladics
4. Torah Bright
5. Christina Curry

Men (Pre-qualified riders: Mikkel Bang, Shaun White, Torstein Horgmo)

1. Andreas Wiig
2. Daniel Ek
3. Tyler Flanagan
4. Dan Brisse
5. Scotty Lago
6. Brandon Cocard
7. Chas Guldemond
8. Brandon Reis
9. Nick Puchkoff