Winner Announced! $2,000 Jeremy Jones Deeper Package Contest Results


The wait is finally over.

Thank you to all for your patience, but with so many amazing stories sent in, and just so many entries in general, the extra time was needed to make sure the right people won the goods. The cold smoke has cleared, and the results for the 2G Deeper Giveaway are here!

Over 300 readers sent in their proposals, pleads, and plans, but only one gets to cash in on the goods: Jones Solution Splitboard, O’Neill Experience 3L Jacket and Pants, Deeper DVD and grab bag, Spark R&D Blaze Splitboard Bindings, and heaps and heaps of Clif Bars, Shots, Bloks, and snacks.

… And the insane backcountry shwag haul goes to …

Nick Fouts, be ready to earn a helluva lot more of these turns, bruddah.[/caption]

Nick Fouts!

His winning entry:

Dear Reader,
Snowboarding, as many might say, is what I do. It’s the reason I moved out west (now residing in Victor, ID). Yes, I work a day job 8-5, Monday – Friday, but snowboarding provides me my solace from the daily grind. During the week, my friends and I hike Glory, meeting on top of Teton Pass at 6:15am so we can be at work by 8; during the weekend we skin out to find untracked powder. We skin upwards of 6 hours to get to where we need to get to: laps on Mt. Taylor, Olive Oil, Wimpy’s, Windy Ridge, and tours up and over Edelweiss to the Columbia Bowls and into East Mail Cabin. Skinning is part of the adventure and a split board provides me the means.

Being in the backcountry is one of the greatest feelings. You become entrenched in your surroundings, while breaking trail to go ride something that hasn’t been tracked up yet, and that’s the ultimate. Sure, I could buy a sled and get to some amazing places, but it defeats the entire experience. Besides, I’m a conservationist and try to leave as little a mark as possible in whatever I do: driving my TDI using bio-diesel, taking recycling to the recycle station, or installing water flow regulators on my faucets. With a new board and binding set-up, you can rest assured that I will continue breaking trail and riding untracked backcountry. This spring, my friends and I plan on skinning up and riding Mt. Moran, and with a new Solution, with its rocker/camber flex pattern and extended contact point, the ride would be exponentially better than with my current [splitboard] that’s now 6 seasons old.

Attached are a few pictures of me in the backcountry: skinning in the backcountry; backside of Targhee; Windy Ridge; and 2006, looking back up into Little Tuckerman’s after riding Chicken Scratch (before I had a spilt-board)!

Thanks for your consideration,
Nick Fouts

Say Jeremy:
“I picked him because he will use it the most and seemed to put the most days on a split.  I like to see my boards used as much as possible.”


Honorable Mention Status:

Nichole Johnson
JJ: “Close second. What an awesome trip … wish i was going!”

Zack Sirco
JJ: “Way to hit the road and follow your dreams.”

Bill Grosch
JJ: “Impressive Mountaineering skills.  Way to get out there.”


JJ: “[They were] all awesome entries. It was very hard to pick a winner!”