It's happened. The season of summer snowboarding at Windell's Snowboard Camp is over. The jumps have been plowed, the rails taken out, and the snow is melting furiously without the daily saltings. The saying is true, all good things must come to an end, but to say this summer was merely a good one would be a tragic understatement. 

This definitely was the Summer Camp of Terror. Jason costumes, faux neck slashings and giant banners featuring Rome riders being killed by the tools of their craft covered the Windell's campus. Campers took note and killed it in their own way: by having as much fun as possible every day they spent at camp. On-hill there was slaying going down on the daily as well, with a park full of innovative features that changed weekly, made even more accessible to campers and visiting pros with the new tow rope. Less hiking meant more riding, which is a pretty good trade off.  Additionally, Windell's brought the first ever Bag Jump to Mount Hood. Campers sessioned it all summer and Rome riders Bjorn Leines and Eiki Helgason were stoked on it during their time at camp, dropping some pretty serious stuff and trying some new stuff out. 

The brutal theme boiled over during Session Three for Terror Week, when Rome's Team Terror took over camp. Bjorn Leines, Eiki Helgason, Marius Otterstad, Stale Sandbech and Johnnie Paxson murdered on hill, annihilating the hip, jump line, and halfpipe. Back on campus, they slaughtered the basketball court, paintball course and BOB, where Eiki and Bjorn sessioned the mini-ramp. 

The Dream Features this summer all had a prominent skate feel and making the Artifact 1985s with Poprock the most popular boards in the Windell's Demo Lab. They flew off the shelves with 390 bindings so campers were able to butter and block their way down the mountain every day, every session. 

The final session of the summer, Session Seven, was the perfect ender for the year.   Saying it was hot, may not be saying enough; shredding in eighty degree sun is something you have to experience for yourself. There was also one of the sickest Dream Features yet; a snake run with hips, a wallride and endless options for gapping and slashing. Campers strapped in and let loose in the creative feature, boosting off the first Jersey-style hip, stalling on the wallride and buttering the gap over the middle hump. 

Off hill, Slasher Night was again one of the best nights of the session, with campers scattering over the Windell's campus as they ran and hid from the marauders. A rumor started during the game that there was a prize for "most bloody" player. Campers covered themselves in red food coloring, hoping to win the exciting, secret, but, non-existent contest. They arrived back at the base hilariously red and were rewarded with the biggest Rome product toss of the summer. 

Summer was sunny and sick—make sure to get out to Windell's next year so you can get in on the shred fun yourself!

Words by: Mary Walsh 

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