Welches, Oregon (September 25, 2007) — Windells Snowboard Camps is proud to present The Boot Project in conjunction with Media Knievel.

The Boot Project is an educational extension of Windells Camps, helping make Windells the educational leader in action sports. In addition to classes taught during sessions, this is a way to continue educating riders about things that they are interested in.

According to The Boot Project founder Mark Sullivan, “After the resounding success of the class room this summer at Windells Camps, I thought this would be a good way to allow the entire snowboarding community to contribute and learn. Plus my feet still hurt.

The objective of The Boot Project is to develop a snowboard boot using open-source design — the idea that everyone working toward a goal openly creates a superior result. This is the same idea that ‘open-source’ programmers have used to develop software for years.

Using the Charles Eames design process and open communication, The Boot Project will contribute ideas to snowboarders and, hopefully, put an end to foot pain forever.


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