It’s that hazy time of year again. You’re sitting in your chair in math class, half-listening as your teacher drones on about the quadratic formula and half-staring out the window at blue skies and green grass. Summer vacation is on the horizon and the best place to spend it is at Mount Hood in Oregon with Windells. Lucky for you, there’s still time to get in on the action.

Windells Session 1, June 6-13, is starting summer off with a bang! Over the last year, we have built some wild new features on campus and the campers during Session 1 will be the first to try everything out! Two new dry slopes and campus bag jump for perfecting tricks and the biggest skatepark in the Northwest that caters to both beginning skaters learning to push around as well as concrete wave aficionados.
There’s more, too! Session 1 is getting an infusion of wild style. Nick Visconti, Tim Humphreys, and Austin Hironaka will be captivating your minds while igniting creativity on and off the mountain. Along side Sessions and Think Thank professionals, Tahoe Dangerzone’s Brent Oftedal and NJ Petersen will be catalysts for a dynamic Windells summer shredding epidemic.

This is the second summer that Nick Visconti is kicking off the season at Windells and he is ridiculously excited. “I’m holding my breath till camp starts, I hope camp is soon because I am already feeling light-headed!”

More mystical than last year, he goes on to explain about what campers can potentially expect on and off hill. “I have been slaving away to unravel the ancient mysteries of Egyptian building technology to create an unfathomable feature with cosmic mystique. Although minds of modern civilization are not yet ready to understand our discovery, Hump, Naka and I will unveil the unknown. Session 1 will rediscover the intricacies of the mind and explore the possibilities of a snowboard.”

There’s still time to get to camp for Session 1, go to and grab a spot so you can shred with Nick, Austin, Tim and Brent!