The funnest place on earth just became the smartest place on earth! That's right! This is the opportunity action sport athletes around the world have been waiting for as Windells Camp proudly presents the inaugural year of . . . Windells Academy.

This is a natural progression of Windells Camp, as over the last 22 years, Tim Windell has sought to fulfill his vision of making Windells the most progressive camp in the action sports industry. While attending Windells Academy, students will have the option to live on campus, giving them full access to all of Windells facilities, and the opportunity to ride twelve months a year at Timberline Ski Resort. Timberline is the ONLY resort in the United States open 365 days a year, allowing athletes to continue to push their sport and develop their skills, while rubbing elbows with the who's who of the action sports industry. Windells athletic facilities include a 53-acre campus with indoor and outdoor recreation amenities – foam pit, trampolines, cardio-gym, BMX dirt tracks, skate parks, vert ramp, half pipe, ridiculous amounts of concrete and rails, Dex's Store, and the Supper Awesome Information Center. What Windells Academy offers its athletes is unmatched by any other academy in the action sports industry.

Academically speaking, Windells Academy offers services for grades 9-12 through the Kaplan High School ( Kaplan High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA).Students are enrolled in either the Kaplan College Preparatory program or the Kaplan High School program, depending on their academic aptitude. Highly qualified and experienced staff provide Windells Academy students with college admission counseling, academic coaching and personalized tutoring as a part of their tuition package. This is an extremely exciting time in the annals of Windells' history, and you or your student athlete can be a part of making history by enrolling in Windells Academy today! Space is limited, so contact us directly to reserve your place and check out our website for additional information –

Why Windells?
Introducing, Tim Windell – visionary, mentor, coach and world champion snowboarder. Check his credentials: Tim Windell is a founder and leader in the action sports community going all the way back to 1986, when began dominating the unexplored territory of snowboarding. His efforts to push the evolution of snowboarding resulted in him brining home numerous medals from around the world. In total, he grabbed eight National Titles, stood second overall in the 1989 and 1990 World Cup Tour of Snowboarding, placed second in the 1991 World Championships, and was designated to be the voice of North American Snowboarders from 1987 through 1993. Tim remains an active member of the USASA board, the largest snowboarding organization in the world, and is one of only five voting members, meaning his vote counts.

After a few years of constant travel and competition, Tim decided to take a break, and it was at this juncture in 1988, when he established the summer snowboard programs at Whistler. These snowboard programs were very successful, but Tim wanted more. After careful consideration, he realized Mt. Hood was a better fit for his camp, and was quite simply a superior venue. The proximity of the Mt. Hood to the Portland International Airport and the 365 days a year of snow, provided the perfect platform for a snowboard camp. With over a decade of successful snowboard camps under his belt, Tim decided to purchase the Shamrock Motel. This laid the framework for the canvas of what Windells Camp is today.

Over the past 12 years, the facilities at Windells Camp have progressed and adapted according to the needs of the campers. BOB (Building Out Back) was created in 2004, providing year round training facilities making weather conditions seemingly irrelevant. This provided athletes the ability to skate indoors and have full use of the trampolines and the foam pit. Following the creation of BOB, came the formation of the Concrete Jungle which was added to campus in 2006. This essentially turned the entire campus into a giant skate park, with features ranging from interconnected bowls, to rolling hills of concrete, to rails weaving in and out of the campus landscape. The addition to Windells Camp this year was the purchase and installation of a private lift at Timberline. For the campers this means less time walking and more time on the snow! Windells ability to be in a constant state of progression is why it has become a global leader in the continuous development of action sports camp facilities and coaches – SECOND TO NONE.
Tim's countless contributions to action sports have been recognized by organizations around the world. These are a few of his notable awards:

1990 – TDK Snowboarding World Championships
Recipient of the BOARDERLINE AWARD
Presented by I SKI to the snowboarder who best demonstrates the ability to "GO OVER THE BOARDER" on all phases of professional snowboarding.

This award is given for distinguished achievement in snowboarding administration to the person who has contributed the most in the past year to the advancement of the sport of snowboarding.

USSA's Russell Wilder Award is given annually to recognize the most outstanding effort in focusing the interests of American youth on the sports of skiing or snowboard.

Windells & The Pros
Shaun White, Kelly Clark, Ross Powers, Hannah Teiter, Masson Auguire, Louis Vito, Danny Davis and countless other professional snowboarders have all come through Windells. The best snowboarders in the world, some whom have competed at the Olympic games, have trained at Windells and have produced a total of 18 Olympic medals. Windells' athletes are standouts throughout the world of action sports – snowboard, freeski, BMX/freeride, and skateboarding. Many are the major contenders in events like the X Games, the Dew Tours and the winter and summer Olympic games. Windells is the premier year round training facility for those in the action sports community. PERIOD.

Focus on Education
Kaplan has been responsible for providing an academic model for many of the world's best golf, tennis, basketball and soccer super stars, since it was first implemented at the Nick Bolettierri Academy in 1989. Athletes like Anna Kornikova and Maria Sharipova, have attended academies utilizing the Kaplan educational model, which has sent students to universities such as University of Florida, Stanford and many others. Kaplan students are required to enroll in core curriculum classes including English, History, Math, Science and Language. Students will also have the opportunity to choose elective classes in fields ranging from art, computers and personal fitness. SAT prep courses will be readily available for all sophomores and juniors to ensure every student reaches their academic potential. Pace charts will be implemented to guarantee that all students stay on task academically. Accelerated pace charts will be made available for those who are seriously motivated, keeping them focused on school when they are not competing, and allowing them to spend their competition season fully devoted to their sport. In addition to the full academic staff Kaplan provides, Mike Hanley, President of Windells Academy, will run the day-to-day operations of the school while providing added support for all attending students.

Mike is a former professional skier and collegiate diver and he brings skills acquired from studying at eight universities around the world, ranging from the University of Utah, to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, to L'Université de Neuchâtel and the University of Wales. From 2004-2006 Mike was the United States Team Coach for the World Cup Ski Halfpipe, and was also the head free ride coach for the Squaw Valley Freestyle Ski Team. Over the course of his career, Mike has worked with the best of the best. Including pros such as Tanner Hall, Ashley Battersby, Sean Field, and up-and-comers like Alex Schlopy and Joss Christensen. Mike has also coached notables like Simon Dumont and Seth Morrison, who have sought his expertise at the Utah Olympic Park. We are excited to have someone with such skill and talent lead Windells Academy.

Windells Academy & You
Windells has a dedicated and loyal staff working together towards one common goal – ensuring you or your student athlete has the most memorable experience of their life. With over 22 years of success and tradition, Windells Camp is proud to partner with Windells Adademy as it becomes the industry leader in meeting the needs of all action sports athletes, by taking their academic and athletic careers to the next level. Remember, space is limited, so don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and call us today to reserve your place!

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