White Takes Final TTR Stop

Saas-Fee, Switzerland - April 19th, 2008: The last event of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour couldn’t have gone more smoothly. The sun was cooking, the music was blasting and riders were going full out at the 4-Star Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. In his second European appearance this season, Shaun White pulled out all the stops, bagging his 6th result, 700 TTR Ranking Points, and $10 000 USD. Shaun’s win improved his TTR rank to Number 1. Finnish rider Juuso Laivisto placed 2nd claiming $6000 USD as Saas-Fee local Fredi Kalbermatten rounded out the Top 3, taking home $3000.
Although Shaun White has moved into the Swatch TTR World No. 1 spot, fellow American and Burton team rider Kevin Pearce remains the Tour Champion. Pearce had a hugely successful season and with the best six results of every competitor under his belt after the Burton US Open, Kevin was crowned the Swatch TTR Tour Champion and awarded $50 000. However, due to incredible performances in every contest he entered, and a 25% point bonus for both his SS and HP US Open wins, Shaun White was able to move into TTR No. 1 by earning his 6th TTR result in Saas-Fee and for this Shaun was also awarded $50 000 USD.
At the top of the glacier in Saas-Fee however, all attention was focused on the stellar riding put forth by every rider on the Slopestyle course. The set up included a small gap to table feature up top, a perfectly sculpted kicker in the middle and a step up kicker at the bottom. Saturday’s finals had the top riders from Friday’s qualifications duke it out in a 2.5 hour Jam format with judges scoring riders in their best overall tricks.
Under bright blue skies, Shaun White absolutely killed it. His best tricks that earned him his first place finish included a FS 180 to an insane Inverted Cab 9 up top, a BS 9, and a massive Cab 1080. Laivisto earned himself second place with a Halfcab to BS 7, a sick Double Backflip, a FS 900 and a switch BS 7. To the cheers of a stoked out crowd, Swiss legend Fredi K took third place with a Halfcab to FS 3 melon, a Cab 9, BS 9 and switch BS 7 loaded with style.
The Swatch TTR 4-Star Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride wraps up an incredibly successful 07/08 season for the TTR World Snowboard Tour. To catch up on all that has gone down during the past 10 months of off-the-wall competition, visit www.ttrworldtour.com   for news, rankings, blogs and in your face videos.

Top Ten Results for 4-Star Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride
1. Shaun White               USA
2. Juuso Laivisto              FIN
3. Fredi Kalbermatten      SUI
4. Seppe Smits                BEL
5. Alessandro Boyens       GER
6. Tonton Holland             FRA
7. Gian-Luca Cavigelli       SUI
8. Victor De Le Rue          FRA
9. Rafael Coray               SUI
10. Fred Evequoz             SUI