Shaun White is an amazing snowboarder, winning about every comp he entered this past season. Can you say, first place at the X-Games, Triple Crown, and Arctic Challenge? He’s always on the podium for pipe and park, an outstanding accomplishment given the level of today’s snowboarders. This past weekend he competed against the world’s best skaters at the famous Slam City Jam in Vancouver, Canada. So is he a skater now? Will he keep snowboarding? Find out right here, right now, I got the 411.

Shaun has always been a skater and attributes his snowboarding success to his time spent as a skateboarder. Of course, the sports are similar and complement each other, so it makes perfect sense: be a pro skater and snowboarder. This is not a new concept, look up Noah Salasnek, John Cardiel, Sluggo, Danny Way, Tom Sims, and many more, they have all had their own pro-model skateboards and snowboards. Shaun hopes to take it to a new level though, and will likely succeed at being the best at both sports.

At Slam City, Shaun was pulling all the sick airs and got in some serious lip work as well. His airs were overhead, as he pulled 540s, kickflips, varials and frontside varial fives. He was clearing a sketchy eight-foot wide channel that dropped all the way to the flat bottom. Easily clearing the deadly gap with tailslides, airs, and even a 540 rodeo. Shaun can also pull sevens and his arsenal of tricks grows every day.

Shaun placed fourth, only being beaten by Sandro Dias, Andy Mac, and Jake Brown. Shaun managed to beat some heavy vert legends, like, Bucky Lasek, Chris Gentry, Mathias Ringstrom, PLG, and so on. For the complete Slam City story, check, or

What’s next? Shaun will be competing in the upcoming Global X snowboard comp for Team USA at Whistler, May 16—18. After that, it’s off to skate training at the Woodward West facilities in Tehachapi, CA. Then he should be competing at the X-Games and

the Gravity Games in the vert events. Will Shaun manage to pull a podium at the X-Games for skating and snowboarding? Either way, he’s having a good time all the way and setting a good example. Speaking of examples, Shaun is not blowing off his education, he has a teacher going with him and has to study and do homework like every other kid. He knows that you gotta finish school. Besides, there will be all that prize money to manage, so he definitely needs to be a math whiz, yo.